I started my day with this:

We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body. (2 Cor. 4:10)

Beautiful, isn't it? Unfortunately, it didn't get me very far.

WHAT. A. DAY. in Room 24. Never, never, never do I want to drive away from those babies and never come back. Oh, I desperately want to go home, and many, MANY days I am thankful I don't have to go back the next day, but I always look forward to loving on them again when I see them again. But the rest of it? The paperwork, testing, disgruntled parents -- I could drive away from and never come back to in a heartbeat. Again -- WHAT. A. DAY.

My ladies retreat this weekend was an interesting study in human nature. I find that I look at all groups of people as, "What would that person be like as a second grader?" They aren't too hard to peg, generally. There's the kid that likes to annoy people because they take great joy in it, then there's the kid that annoys people and doesn't even know it. There's the kid that's everyone's mommy, and there's the kid that can't sit down and/or stop talking if their life depended on it. Then there's the kid that is all of those rolled into one. There's the kid who gets stuck in work because they missed one word way back there and are fixated on it. Just so funny. I was the kid in second grade that couldn't shut up. I doubt that surprises you about me.

The other unbelievable event of the weekend was the dust storm. If you weren't here -- well, I can't even describe it. But you know I have to try -- imagine unbelievably thick, orangy-brown fog. There you go. And WIND like you wouldn't believe. Around 50 mph, with visibility about 1/4 mile. Track meets, soccer games, baseball tryouts were all canceled -- due to DIRT. Have you ever heard of such? It was simply amazing. And, thankfully, it is over, leaving wheezing, sneezing, hacking children in its wake.


Antique Mommy said...

So many interesting things to ponder here Sarah.

I will never be able to gather in a group without thinking of everyone as kindergarteners. Especially my show-and-tell self.

Oh and did you know that pre-school teachers frighten middle-aged parents like me? It's true. If I'm a PIA, it's because I'm nervous and scared and so afraid of saying the wrong thing and sounding stupid that I just ramble strings of wrong stupid things. :) True.

Dust storm. Our sky turned yellow with dust about mid-morning and and nearly blew our car off the road. Then we had power outages. And then we all began sneezing. On the up side, I won't need that microdermabrasion facial I had been thinking of.

Roxanne said...

Oh. My. Yes to all of it except the dust storm--lots of wind--no dirt. . .I had a conversation with a mother today who interrupted me frequently to ask what had been done to her child by the other student and what would happen to the other student. . .never mind that her child was hitting someone. "I teach my child if someone hits, you hit 'em back."

Well, then.

Stephanie said...

I think some of that dust blew all the way up here and is now giving my car windows a nice haze - when I'm driving everything looks so blurred. It's as if I'm watching an old Ingrid Bergman film.

Wednesday morning my son says, as we drive him to school, "Look, Mom, Oklahoma is on your car."

(I know you are not in Okla. but really, who knows where that dust came from. It sure didn't come from our neighborhood!)

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