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I sacrificed my Sunday afternoon nap today. Well, I actually had a few moments to lay down, but my husband, known as Snuffleupagus (yes, I looked up how to spell it) during allergy season, was having mucho sinus trouble, so no nap. Then up and re-dress in our Sunday finery for a movie. Well, big deal, you went to the movie on a Sunday afternoon, right?

Not just any movie -- you can't see it yet! ACU had a special sneak preview of The Ultimate Gift. It is based on a book by the same name that ACU is currently giving to donors. Troy, as Mr. Donor-Relations-Type person has read this book and let me read it. It's a good book, quick read, if a bit cheesy at times. The movie was FABULOUS. They did throw in a purposeful MAJOR tear-jerker thread throughout the movie that wasn't in the book, but the actor playing the lead pulled off the character as far more believable than what I read in the book.

This movie will open March 9 (I have no idea where). To encourage big ticket sales opening weekend, you can also donate $1 of your ticket price that weekend to a charitable organization OF YOUR CHOICE -- cool deal, huh? Get details here. Take EVERYONE you know to go see it. We took the kids -- and both of them laughed out loud at parts, but Riley voted it as "too mushy". But it was clean enough for both of them, and I do think even with the mush, some valuable lessons were learned. I'm not even sorry I missed my nap!

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Roxanne said...

Watched the trailer--it looks really good. Little Abigail is the girly from "Little Miss Sunshine", and I LOVE Brian Dennehy. . .so sappy or not, I'm in. :)

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