And To All a Lovely Night

The thermometer for my live weather updates must be broken -- it has read 22* all the live-long day. My car says that it has actually gotten up to 28*, but it's pretty much all the same, isn't it? Because this is the day of romance, some anchor lady on the news said, "Well, at least it's good snuggling weather." Maybe -- at her house.

Since my Valentine and I have such drastic variances in what is a comfortable temperature, snuggling at our house goes something like this: we get all snuggled up. I begin to thaw. He begins to squirm. I am beginning to regain feeling in my extremities. He continues to squirm. I am just getting nice and cozy warm, drowsy even when he can take it no more: "You're going to HAVE to get up oh my gosh I am burning up can I get you the heating pad? electric blanket? because I am burning up get up get up get up get OFF OF ME NOW!" Yes, snuggling at our house is the pinnacle of romance.

The kids are really cute and Ashley is especially excited this year to lavish love on her family members -- yes, even including her brother. Ashley has a January birthday so she still has some money and has spent a little on a little gift for each of us. A few days ago we were going to Academy (my very favorite sporting goods store in the whole world) for me to replace my walking shoes. Ashley had her money with her and, on the way there, said, "Mom, feel free to point out anything for Valentine's day."

"For ME?"

"Yeah, it just has to be less than... (tallies up what's in her fist) $30."

"PLEASE do not spend $30 on a Valentine's gift for me -- I didn't spend $30 on YOU."

(rolling her eyes) "Yeah, but, sheesh, Mom, you gave birth to me."

She has a point.


Anonymous said...

Oh,I laughed out loud at your snuggler story! Thanks again for another reason to chuckle!

Roxanne said...

Graceful. . .maybe not.

Really, really smart. . .absolutely.

Cheri said...

It's the same way with temperature in our house. I'm freezing - he's not. I want 4 tons o'blankets, he wants a sheet...

But I love him.

dad said...

Sorry, it's hereditary. Your snuggling sounds like our snuggling. I fully understand the need to get cooled off RIGHT NOW.

Troy M. Stirman said...

Though I enjoy having those curves in close proximity, there is something to the phrase, "Man, she's hot!"

That tush throws off more heat than a nuclear reactor in full swing!


Robin said...

You guys make me laugh. Thanks!

Denise W said...

Note to self: don't sleep with Sarah when we travel.

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