Six Weird Things About Me

So Anne tagged me for some something about 6 weird things about me. I have seen this one around blog-land and everyone that plays along seems to have some sort of obsessive-compulsive behavior that they confess. Shannon has to make her items on the conveyor belt at the grocery store be parallel or perpendicular to the edge of the belt. Whatever. How does that work for a bag of apples? Boomama has to arrange the money in her wallet JUST SO before she puts it away. I can't stand to make people wait. Antique Mommy is a neat-freak and Antique Daddy is an obsessive wiper-downer. I do NOT have either of those genes or issues. Anne has fire-phobia. I almost get this one -- a house in my neighborhood burned to the ground when I was little and a dad and a kid were killed. It still freaks me out. But is my iron currently unplugged? Nope.

I think that brings me to my first oddity about me:
1) Neither me nor my immediate family can think of ANY obsessive-compulsive behavior I have. Y'all, I'm just too tired to align my groceries or unplug all of my appliances or count ceiling tiles (that's Troy's thing). And, I can leave a dirty dish right THERE until the cows come home and not even care. Truthfully, I won't even see it. People who must have everything in place at all times probably have far less cluttered lives than me, but I like to think I'm having more fun!
2) When I polled my family about what is weird about me, all they could come up with is that Riley pointed out that I tend to burst out into song at random times. This is true. If any situation reminds me of a song -- and most of them do -- I must break forth with it. It's not pleasing to the ear, but it's my song. Being a word person, I can also make up my own lyrics to go with almost any tune for almost any situation. I guess it's good to be known for something.
3) I will go to unbelievable lengths not to have to make telephone calls. I HATE making phone calls -- to ANYONE. I am always trying to second guess if I'm going to bother the other person or, if it's a business, if I'll be able to get through and/or get the help I need. I LOVE the whole blog/ email world. Hate telephones.
4) Even after my $85 day at the hair place, my hair has basically been the same since I was ... 16? 18? I'm thinkin'... Forever. Until yesterday, my hair was cut pretty much exactly like it was at my wedding 14 years ago. Of course, now I have all of these white, wiry hairs that work against my 'do, but that's why I spend $85 at the hair place -- to whip those babies back into place (and color).
5) Along those lines, I'm a fashion moron. This point was really hit home to me recently when Troy told me to take most of my first paycheck and buy myself some clothes for work. I decided that wherever they sell adult Garanimals -- I need to shop there. Maybe part of it has to do with the fact that I am ALWAYS self-conscious about the way clothes fit me and what my not-very-tall, way-too-curvy, sturdy-legged self can and can't wear, but I'm not too willing to go out on a limb with my clothes. And even if I were, I wouldn't know how to! But, not being a risk-taker with my clothes is no surprise since I've had my hair the same for 20 years. And, I'm really happiest in my work-out clothes. I know I don't LOOK best in them, but they are the most "me", I think.
6) This will crack most of you up, but I still consider myself a fairly shy person and am VERY uncomfortable in situations where I don't know many people. Truthfully, I would rather stand in front of them all and speak something I have prepared than have to mingle with them! However, I have learned through the years that most people are uncomfortable in new situations and my compassion for someone else being uncomfortable over-rides my own discomfort and I will try to strike up a conversation in such situations. But know that in my heart I am sitting by myself in the corner -- and really happier there!

There, that was relatively painless, and I guess I'm weirder than I first imagined. Now that the pump is primed, I may have to go for another 6. I forgot that I really hate to shop (probably related to #5) and am not all that crazy about chocolate -- but I could eat my weight in Hot Tamales (the candy, not the Mexican food). Yet my friends still talk to me. Amazing. Along with being a fashion moron, I can never fix my hair. Which is why the current hair will last only until it grows out because it actually requires "doing". I don't do. I wash and go. Always. Occasionally I even brush. Again, put me in workout clothes in a ponytail, and no one knows. Not only do I not know HOW to do my hair, I don't want to learn. That's why long hair for me -- short hair requires "styling" and "products". Long hair requires a brush and elastic.

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged and tell us 6 weird things about you. If I know you personally, realize that I will probably feel the need to complete the list myself. And, since turnabout is fair play, feel free to add to my list about myself! Unless you are married to me, in which case you have way too much of an advantage. And way too much room for retaliation!


Jeff Jenkins said...

Hey Sarah -

saw your comment and wanted to respond. I graduated from Ouachita Christian in 92 and grew up in West Monroe - went to LSU on a football scholarship...

Thanks for stopping by...

Roxanne said...

Yes, yes, yes to most of those--especially the breaking into song part. . .you also clickety-click-click drum your fingernails (and I tap my crackers over the sleeve to remove excess crumbs). . .and you (used to) sign incessantly on your gear shift. And you are NOT a morning person and you do not like loud noises---and I am very loud, which is probably why you live in Abilene. :)

Your hair has been the same for 20 years, but your mom has you beat. . .and now I'm REALLY dying to see the new hair. . .please, oh please, oh please. Is it cuter than it was at my wedding? That was just very cute, indeed. And the reason you have been able to get away with the same hair for 20 years is because it was good hair to begin with. . .I have a picture of you with very, very LARGE hair in something like 8th grade--which was the same year I had the mullet. :)

Yvonne said...

1)I absolutely love the morning - watching the sun come up on crisp cold morning - that's the best!
2)I like to keep my purse OCD organized
3)Everything in my refrigerator has a certain place on a certain shelf
4)I love my job
5)I too burst out into song at the drop of a hat
6)Peanut Butter fudge for breakfast!!

Troy M. Stirman said...

Sarah opened a door- so it must be OK to respond, right? She mentioned singing, she's right. She sings incessantly. Not always on pitch, but with much fervor and energy. Occasionally she will even shake her booty while doing "Salt & Pepper", or as the kids say, "Salt an Peppa" that's fun to watch, ya'll. I don't care who you are!


Christy said...

Ok, Sarah... perhaps we really do have a relational gene somewhere back there. One of my college roommates can't wait until I get married to ask my husband about the whole "turning EVERYTHING into a pop 40 song." I just can't help it. I am rather anal about the order of doing almost everything and most things have a definite place. The whole signing thing Roxanne mentioned... I used to spell out words from billboards on roadtrips... quirky, I know.

Sarah said...

Yes, I forgot that I absent-mindedly fingerspell random words as they flow through my brain. If you can read fingerspelling REALLY quickly, you can read highlights of my thoughts!

Troy, you've just given the internet a visual it didn't need! But you do speak the truth. I will ONLY break out in dance in front of my family. But sometimes you just gotta bust a move!

Christy, if you can only walk the ACU walking track a)starting at the '0' mile marker and b)only going in the direction where you can read the scriptures, then you have OCD tendencies far beyond any I would ever hope to have! But, I do read billboards aloud. I don't know why.

Anne Jones said...

The iron definitely needs to be unplugged. And, I will not leave the house until it is cool to the touch!

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