Shopping Conundrum

Dear Dayspring,

First, why, exactly, do you have a monopoly on the "inspirational greeting card" market? Isn't there anyone else out there who will print cards and put scripture on them?

Also, I am in search of a set of cards that you label "Encouragement" cards. A boxed set would be lovely. I try to send cards to different folks frequently. However, the majority of the recipients of my cards are not 96 year old women sitting in their rocker with an afghan tossed across their lap. Therefore, none of your current sets of boxed cards will do. Oh, of course, I do have the sailboat option, but the sentiment of those cards comes across as if I believe my recipient to be a quivering mass of sobs so defeated by life's circumstances that all I am able to do is send a Dayspring greeting card. Where, exactly, is the inspiration in THAT?

HELLO!! What a mighty God we serve! Remember? Faith is the victory! Remember? The God I worship is bigger than anything this life has to toss out. Can we not put just a HINT of that in some of those cards? Even a bright color, maybe?

Now, to Stephanie, my blog-reader-artist-extraordinaire-in-residence: perhaps you and I should design some inspiring inspirational cards and we could make encouragment cards that are actually encouraging. What do you think?


Anne Jones said...

I'll take ten! And yes, I think I fall into the category somewhere in between old rocker curled up in my afghan, and a puddle of sobs sailing the ocean "blue".

Let me know if you need some cute kiddie drawings for a few of the cards. I know an amazingly cute 3-yr-old who would love to help!

SKQBDOO said...

I just admire you for still taking the time to send cards of any kind. good...bad...or ugly!

dad said...

Well, there's your future! With your gift for organizing creative thoughts, and Stephanie's gift for artwork, sounds like there's a greeting card company in your future. I bet Hallmark was founded on less.

judy said...

I love it when you think out of the box. You should see the inspirational cards tammy made for me. They have a picture of Daisy on them. I love them.

Stephanie said...

Great! I'm in. We can talk retirement and health care benefits offline. :)

Anonymous said...

I stopped over from Heart and Home. I *love* reading your post, esp the post about your school kids. I agree with 'dad'; I think you could make a fortune in the card business.
You can visit at www.bloggingbird64
I enjoy your humor!

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