After 20 years, my GPA hasn't dropped too much!

You paid attention during 80% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you've read. You were a child that wasn't left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
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Denise W. said...

74% - which puts me at "pretty good." Now, I wanna know which I missed....

Orion (The Hunter) said...

The correct answers are:
3. 6
4. infinite
5. 2.5
6. false
7. England
8. 17th century
9. Mary
10. Islam, Hinduism, Christianity
11. False
12. the modernist art movement in which artists used a grid-form to capture subjects accurately.
13. Europe
14. False
15. It's annoying in its redundancy
16. Michelangelo
17. Being very patriotic, the flag inspires me every day.
18. Because the earth's tilt allows the sun's rays to hit more directly.
19. Twelth Night
20. True
21. photosynthes

Roxanne said...

I can't take the test at school, so I will refrain from looking at Orion's answers. . .but I was thinking about all of the things we REALLY paid attention too--like how to get ANY of the coaches to spend the ENTIRE class time talking about football--or how to get out of class to go and sit in Connie's office--or how to try and get our neon green gum past the eagle eyes of Mrs. Hickman--or how to get to the quick stop for an icee and M&M's and back to play practice before Cody got mad. . .

Ah. . .the merits of attending a small high school. . .

dad said...

91%, which says more about my ability to take tests than it does about what I really learned. Lot of that stuff came into my head long after high school.

Ashleigh said...

86%--which could be considered a bit bad, being that I've only been out of high school for two and a half years. ;)

Anne Jones said...

80% for me too.

Denise W. said...

I'm feeling VERY much like the high school drop-out. I DID graduate from college, ya know!

Stephanie the artist said...

orion - that is not the answer to number 12.

Christy said...

I got an 86% and I must say that I'm NOT happy with that! Oh well, it's late and I've been shopping ALL weekend. I also got stuck in two hours of metroplex traffic... (Now I'm sounding like my former students with their sob story excuses.)

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