LOST! One Brain. Please return immediately

In the last 24 hours I have forgotten:
  • To take "package a" home from Riley's party -- Kendra brought it to me full of supplies for school today.
  • To eat lunch.
  • To give blood at the time I signed up for on Wednesday afternoon.
  • To go to my Open House for work.
  • To take "package a" to work today -- I did make it out to the garage with it, but set it down and had to come home for it during music.
Good thing I never gave blood, I guess. I think my brain needs all it can get!


holly said...

I forgot to send my kids teachers christmas presents to school. What a great mom I am.

Roxanne said...

And I was not so nice to a little lady that was barring me from entering my child's classroom yesterday until my liscense had been checked and I was signed in at the school. . .NEWSFLASH. . .I WORK IN THE DISTRICT--THEY KNOW MORE ABOUT ME THAN I DO.

I am normally very nice.

But today I got to say farewell to the classroom for ALMOST, but not quite, two weeks. So I'm good.

Antique Mommy said...

I wish I could forget to eat, but my tummy keeps loudly reminding me. As does that bag of M&Ms that I hid from myself in the pantry. Behind the green beans.

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