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I'm feeling overwhelmed in my life. Overwhelmed by the circumstances that other people find themselves in. Just so many hard times. My friend, Tammy, took her son, Jack, to Dallas this week for follow-up after Jack's brain surgery to remove a tumor in May (late April?) The results weren't what any of us had hoped, prayed, or expected. You can keep up with Jack on Updates on Jack. So that makes me sad, and there's just so much else right now in people I know and love. So I may be taking a blogging hiatus. I have much to say, and lots of questions to ask, but none of it is appropriate here. Again, though, it does call to mind a song. When I don't know what to pray, when words don't come, I simply can 'cry out':

I cry out
For your hand of mercy to heal me
I am weak
I need your love to free me
O Lord, my rock
My strength in weakness
Come rescue me oh Lord

You are my hope
Your promise never fails me
And my desire
Is to follow You forever
For You are good
For You are good
For You are good to me
For You are good
For You are good
For You are good to me

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Tammy M. said...

I cry out.

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