More Rangers' Game Pics

Now that the Sullivan family has been apprised of my posting of ONE of the ultra-cuties, I must follow through and get the rest of the guys up there. My apologies to Clark, who I was unable to get a good picture of, but he is mentioned in Independence Day as my favorite fireworks memory!

Bennet and Clark, absorbed in the game (more than you can say about me, for sure).

The Stirmans, roasting at the ballpark!

Griffin, the youngest of the Sullivan cuties.

The Chick-Fil-A cows, hanging out with the fans. Can you think of a worse summer job? If it felt like 126* in the ballpark, can you imagine what it was inside a Chick-Fil-A cow costume?


Slade said...

Clark aka "Carter" and Bennett loved the game. We were glad to be sitting by people we knew, what with all of our many trips to and from our seats :). Thanks for sharing.

Dava Lynn said...

Sarah - too fun! Thanks for posting the pictures and the memory of sweet Clark's response. After we headed out, Bennett said, "Daddy, that was fantastic!" Sweet, sweet children...sweet, sweet memories!

Anonymous said...

Man alive, does Riley look like Kevin in that picture or WHAT???


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