"I Don't Go to Wal-Mart"

If you want people to look at you as if they think you might have said, "I worship at the camel of the fuzzy hindquarters" then tell them you don't go to Wal-Mart. Even if you do. It's so funny! If you know me even a little bit, you're probably aware that I really don't go to Wal-Mart. I have been less strident and obnoxious about this fact this year -- but it is a fact. Inevitably the question comes up, "Then, where do you go?" You can tell how frequently a person goes to Wal-Mart by how soon they ask this question. Some people simply cannot imagine a week without Wal-Mart. Think outside the box, folks. One woman said, in wonder, "I go to Wal-Mart at least three times a week." When I told her I didn't think I had been to Wal-Mart three times this calendar year, she just shook her head in amazement.

I have mis-spoken in the past by simply repeating the mantra, "I hate Wal-Mart!!" And there are things about Wal-Mart that I do, in fact hate (oh, let me count the ways). But, more than anything, I hate that the American public has said, "Yes! Give me horrible service! Give me 50 acres of merchandise with no rhyme or reason as to how it is arranged! Give me law of the jungle type courtesy in customers! Give me poor quality products! I need all of these things so that I can save 15 cents on a box of Tampax!" When I do (rarely) go in Wal-Mart I cannot believe that not only do we, as a public put up with it, we throw millions of dollars at it as a reward. Welcome, Wal-Mart shoppers. . . *sigh*

Okay, I feel better! :-) I have more on my "Power of One" line of thinking, but we are on our way out the door. Troy is on his way back from Dallas and the kids and I are heading to Temple (no, I'm not trying to avoid him -- we both thought this trip to Dallas would last longer than this). Ashley will stay and play with a friend and Riley and I will stay at Mike's and hang out together.

I'm kind of in a summer lull -- haven't read much and I've even backed way off on my exercise. Maybe it's "the dog days of summer". I would really rather just curl up in a cool spot and have a nap!


Tammy Marcelain said...

Sarah -
I was totally agreeing with you on the craziness of walmart, and what it has done to small businesses around it and the families it has put out of work, I was saying preach on sister friend,....then I "had" to go to Walmart for something and noticed that the cereal I had bought at a competitors the previous night and had paid $4.63 for a box that Walmart was selling for $2.23, well I think I must fall back into the Walmart groove, unfortunately, but not without planning to go in the very early hours so as not to be there at the same time as every one else in Abilene.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I went from a blog site T to another one...yours. I happened to glance at the "I don't go to wal-mart" and decided to read it. I don't like to shop at wal-mart,either. I think the place is dirty and does not care what the public thinks of it's policies on hiring and benefits for it's employees. I read an article in the newspaper on how wal-mart is bad for other business because they cannot compete with the prices. Wal-mart may be good for lower prices but wal-mart is bad for America.

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