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Yesterday we returned from the Arlington area. We spent a day at Six Flags, a day at Hurricane Harbor, and yesterday met my family in east Texas so that they could take the kids back to Louisiana with them. More on that trip later. So I would love to use my time without kids and before starting a new job doing some little jobs around the house and getting my home in working order. (almost typed 'working odor' -- may have to do some research on what THAT could mean!)

One of my first stops when I got back to town was the bed and bath store for some things I would need for all of my projects. When I was told what the total for my purchase was, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought something must have been on sale that I didn't realize. Don't you love it when that happens?

Walking out of the store, I checked my receipt and found that they only charged me for one set of curtains when I got two. The lines were all long, so I went on to my other stops in the same shopping center before I came back (and, yes, I considered not going back at all). When I returned to the store (no lines!) I told the lady why I was back and needed to pay for the set of curtains. I joked that it made the first check I wrote a little less painful! She was amazed that I had returned. As I handed her my check she continued to thank me for my honesty, then in the same breath said, "I need to see your driver's license, please."

That made me laugh, but I guess I appreciate that she was making sure some criminal wasn't being honest with MY checkbook!

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CreditPro said...

You look like a very nice person, it is was very honest of you to come back to pay for the second set of curtains, I am sure that the lady was very happy and thankful to you (see she was honest too)! Whenever you do something good it always returns to you!

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