And more importantly -- it's PAYDAY!! And co-op (i.e., date night!!!) is tonight. And the DISH guy came and fixed our scrambled TV and I got a hair cut -- and so did Troy, come to think of it. Then I had lunch with my friend, Angela. It's a good day all around.

My favorite image of summer occurred yesterday -- Riley had seen some kids doing the same thing at our pool, so he decided that he, too, could act like a fountain. He scooped up a mouthful of water, struck a pose with one foot perched in the air, and spewed his pool water back into the pool. He did this several times, for the benefit of no one but himself, since he wasn't aware that I was watching. He got to where he had a sly grin on his face, thoroughly enjoying himself. Then he realized it's REALLY hard to spit water while you're laughing (he had totally cracked himself up -- he gets that from me). Then Ashley joined the fun and for approximately 7 blissful seconds we had a harmonious moment of being silly at the pool. Then, of course, the argument arose as to who was the best fountain. (they probably get that from me, but yeeesh). The moment was over. Of course, they did it for Troy last night and he had to point out exactly how dirty the water was. Killjoy.

I had to abort all other reading and tackle my new Janet Evanovich book, "Eleven on Top" and then on to "The Mermaid Chair" by Sue Monk Kidd (Secret Life of Bees author). I checked both of them out from the library last night and they're only 7 day check-outs. I love my Janet Evanovich book -- certainly a nice break from realistic fiction. It's realistic -- in that, it COULD happen -- but it wouldn't be nearly as funny as it is written if it did.

What are YOU doing for the 4th? I'm beginning to hate that question. I HAVE NO PLANS, I AM A LOSER WITH NO PLANS, OKAY???? There's an ice-cream supper at church on the 3rd, but that's as close as I am to any plans at all. The pool is having all sorts of races, etc. Riley absolutely doesn't want to go (doesn't want the embarassment of not winning a race and would rather just play in the pool anyway). Ashley will not live if we don't go (wants the two of us to win the mother/daughter raft race and earn lots of $$$ in the money dive). So I'm currently thinking -- I don't know.

Maybe I'll just stay home and blog about how we should all celebrate our independence through Christ everyday -- or maybe I'll just eat all of the leftover ice cream from church and take a nap.


Anonymous said...

I wish I was HOME!!! boo hoo-Jim is working at the fireworks stand and I'm putting the kids (including a nephew) to bed. Jim is in his element discussing the beauty that is the "Baby Boomers." It is a very large, $50 firework. I'll try to write down some of the more ridulous ones.
We plan to attend a church party with lots of fireworks (of course)and I suppose I should take something. It's my family's church and lots of them think I'm a raving liberal. I plan to rave if the opportunity is presented.
Yall have fun and win some money that is too cool!! Watch the "Music Man" and sing along -

Tammy M. said...

Denise I wish you were home too! I miss you.

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