Top Posts for February

Thanks to some research, I have found a way to find out which of my posts are my top ones. These are my top posts for the month of February (in order of numbers of visits):

Considering Valentines Day

Super Day of Gluttony

Marriage Monday on Tuesday

Parenting Teens

I'm In a Cult, Who Knew?

The interesting thing is that the last one is 5 years old. I knew that it was still consistently being landed on by search engines (I think because I mention cults) but I had no idea that it was quite so popular. Sadly, it is simply a transcript of a news show. It isn't my writing at all. If you like another of my posts, email it to all of your friends and get another post to be on top! :-)


john dobbs said...

So...how did you figure out your top posts?

Sarah said...

Good question, John! I used Google Analytics (under 'content'). I think I understand that Wordpress will determine that for you, but I obviously have Blogger.

Roxanne said...

For some reason, your reply to John's query made me laugh. . .

still chuckling. My students think I'm insane. . .

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