The Cleft of The Rock Has a New Look!

Come in! Welcome to my redecorated blog! Take a look around and I'll give you a little tour. Oh, how I long for a fancy little laser pointer to be able to show you around.

So. How 'bout this bloggity blog over here, huh? Not too shabby, huh? First, I have gone and gotten myself my very own blog address! Be sure you change your blog readers, etc. to I think they are updating both right now, but I've already made the switch. So.... if you aren't reading this let me know. :-)

Across the top, under my header, you see several links, like so: Those have actually been there for a while. I may have told you about them, but I have just now completed all of them where you can poke around and see what's what. There is a page simply telling a little about moi', your blog author, a page that has some clips of my writing, a page detailing my speaking topics, and a page listing the most recent top posts for this blog. Of course, most of that information is for folks that will be new to this blog, but feel free to poke around and visit. Oh, and you can always get back here by clicking the 'home' button, of course.

So over there on the right you see some fancy new buttons. They are even shiny. The first one looks like so: I'm sure you recognize the Facebook 'f', of course. That won't take you just to me, but to my blog and speaking ministry page on Facebook.

The little Twitter button takes you to my Twitter home page in case you want to follow me there (I always think of Betty White, "I'm on the Twitter...").

Now, the YouTube button, I confess does go somewhere, but the somewhere is a little... lacking at the moment. It will take you to my YouTube channel that currently has nothing on it. Go ahead and click on it and subscribe and it will let you know when I upload videos. The 'vlog' is becoming popular, but I confess that I am not much of a fan. I catch reading blogs when I can. In the bank line, the carpool line, the waiting room -- rarely someplace that it is conducive to watching a video. However, I have come to see the importance of having some videos out there. Some will be me sitting at my dining room table chatting with you, some may be me at an actual speaking event. Subscribe and see which pops up first!

The last little orange-y rainbow-looking button is an RSS feed subscribe button. If you KNOW what I just said, you are probably already subscribed somewhere. If you think I just said, blah, blah, blah "rainbow", then: click on the button and it will take you to a page where you can choose how they can let you know when my blog updates. (My pic here has little tools next to it. The button in the sidebar should not.)

Then, you can Grab My Button. Yes, my BLOG button! Seriously, how cute is it? If you have a blog, you can use the code underneath it to post onto your sidebar to send me a little linky love. Speaking of linky love, underneath all of THAT in my sidebar is my own blog roll that I desperately need to update. Check it out, be sure your blog is on it. If it isn't, let me know, and I'll be sure to add it.

I know you are SO! TIRED! The tour is almost over. One more tiny little thing I want to make you aware of, though. See these little bitty little buttons at the bottom of each blog post:
Those are social media buttons. They allow you to (in order from left to right) email the post to someone, post it on your blog, tweet it, share it on facebook, or share it GoogleBuzz. Just a little "click economy" for you if you come across a post of mine that you happen to like. This will allow you to share it with others easily.

Whew! Isn't it great? I am so thankful!

All of this beautifulness is many, many thanks to Julie at Deluxe Designs. She is AMAZING to work with. She probably still has a little concrete stuck to her forehead from banging it against a wall after the 437th time we exchanged an email about the yellow in the border with me giving such helpful feedback as, "But... it's just a little too yellow-y, you know?" Yeah, I'm a dream client (not so much). She, however, is awesome and VERY reasonably priced and I obviously just cannot say enough wonderful about Deluxe Designs!! Thank you, Julie!!


Troy M. Stirman said...

I like that "grab my BUTTon" feature-LOL!


mindy said...

love the new look!

Lisa Laree said...

Sunny!! Springy!!! I like it! :-)

Paula Harrington said...

I love the new look!

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