Asking the Bloggy Friends: What Smells Make You Happy?

This is one of those questions that floats around on some of those blog memes occasionally, but it's just a drive-by, along with what is in your purse, the middle name of your dog, and the last song played on your iPod.

You know smells trigger memories and emotions more than any other of our senses. Which, if you are my husband, an allergy sufferer, is unfortunate. Wait a minute. I am just now drawing this correlation. Seriously -- the man smells NOTHING. Seriously -- the man remembers NOTHING. Coincidence? I think not...

I was telling a friend that I don't like a particular food because of the way it initially smells. Odd, I know, but if it smells weird, I don't want to taste it, right? Oh -- and if you give me new food to try: I WILL sniff it. (and now, so will my daughter). Rude? Yes. Me? Yes.

So...? Friend asks, What smells DO you like? I honestly couldn't think of any, going through my Scentsy arsenal in my head. Much later the smell I LOVE came to me (it is VERY odd, because it is actually associated with meat, which I'm not a huge fan of, which sparked the initial conversation).

My father and my husband are both what they would call "grilling purists": only grill with charcoal. The way Jesus did, you know? No propane. I remember as a little girl when my dad would grill out I would go outside and play and hang out with him (I also broke my arm once, but I guess I can overlook that) and we frequently had my grandparents over. I would bask in the smell of the charcoal grill with the relaxed evening and family gathering 'round.

Now, we grill out at least twice a month as the weather allows, usually more when it's warmer. Those are my favorite days. A)it's less wear and tear on my kitchen, but the kids are thrilled with the menu selection, even the dog perks up to have Troy outside with her. It is always a precious family time. I truly LOVE to nuzzle into Troy's neck when he has been standing outside next to the grill. Totally whacko? Probably.

So I want to know about you. What smells make you happy? What smells call to mind fun family gatherings or fun times with friends? Whatever you think of... I would love to hear from you!


Brandi said...

Cody Face Powder in the orange and white box and Juicy Fruit gum.

My great grandmother always wore that powder and always had that gum. I love the smells seperately, but together they bring back all sorts of wonderful childhood memories.

Sarah said...

Brandi, my grandmother always carried Big Red or Doublemint. She was the 'gum lady' at church. Her casket spray had Big Red and Doublemint in it.. :-) Never Juicy Fruit, though... :-)

dad said...

You just put a hitch in my throat, and a strong visual of mom's funeral spray!
I, too, love the smell of steak grilling. I like burnt gunpowder. Old airplane cockpits have a unique smell that evokes happy times.

Roxanne said...

I have about a million. . .

Merle Norman cleaser, Oil of Olay, Baby Magic lotion=Granny

Gasoline, Peppermint, chewing tobacco=PaPaw

Roses and saffron= Nanny

Coffee and Chips Ahoy cookies= Grandaddy

It's so interesting how many different unusual smells can mix together to make SOMEBODY in your heart and in your mind.

Paula Harrington said...

Love the smell of burning leaves.

Takes me back to grade school, sitting on a school bus, and knowing that I was going to get to visit my grandparents soon.

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