Today's a New Day!

I'm going to be honest (not that y'all have every known me to be anything other than PAINFULLY so): yesterday started out pretty crummy. And it was basically my own fault.

I went to bed WAY too late Sunday night, but my body wakes me up at ridiculous hours, so I woke up too tired. And, I didn't get straight into the Word. Two strikes.

So I scrolled through some email, scrolled through some blogs, and came across the announcement for the winner of the scholarship contest that I applied for last week. Yeah... not me. Turned down before I even got all the way out of bed. How's that for Monday morning?

Gray skies. Overall blech. I had planned to get out and go running, but it was 38*, wind chill 29*. What?? Now I am SUPER grouchy! Okay, so it's time to dig into the Word.

That, combined with other things, lightened my mood. We had a showing -- with 35 minutes notice. The kids and I were still in our PJ's, stacks of laundry of the dirty and clean variety, as well as a littering of dishes around the house. You would NOT believe the miracle we can work in 25 minutes. We went and let Ashley get some driving practice, and Riley and I went and lay in a "sunshine patch" on a playground. Perfect.

When I got home I came across something on the Internet that opened up a whole other side of the blogging "community" to me. Whoa. Not even going to detail how I found the rabbit trail that led me to find out that there is a whole segment of blogs that set out to "set straight" popular bloggers and/ or celebrities. Not even going to name them. I think it started as a site about celebrities, especially popular reality moms, perhaps mothers of multiplies (not naming those, either).

Then some folks started finding out discrepancies about popular bloggers (it may just be one blogger) and found a way to throw them under the bus the same way.

Let me give you some examples of what these people are detailing on the (I'll call it the "Setting Things Straight" blog):
*On June, 2007 Pseudo-Mom SAID this: People always gripe at me for flying with a baby in my lap. Seriously? We have 5 kids! They expect me to buy a plane ticket for the baby?
*But in February of 2005 she SAID: We like to check our car seat and if there is an extra seat on the plane put the baby in it to give us a break.
They then chastise her for not being able to make up her mind about how she travels with a baby! The baby in June of 2007 wasn't in existence in Feb. of 2005. Can she not change her mind?

A) Honestly? There are people this despicable and hateful that they will troll and detail one person's blog so that they can point out VERY minor inconsistencies to the blogging world? That is some deep-seated loathing...
B) They are pointing their judgmental fingers at this woman for her "lying, unethical ways" but whatever moral compass they live by doesn't call them to "live and let live."
C) There is seriously a full time moderator of this "Setting Things Straight" blog -- detailing and listing out VERY minor discrepancies, looking for plagarisms all over the internet, and moderating comments. I am simply agog. And my own day didn't seem so crummy.

First, let me say that I started this blog in 2005. I have probably posted some things that I have changed my mind about now, 6 years later. I KNOW I have posted things I wish I hadn't.

But I am so thankful for my moral compass, my One True North, that calls me to do better. Because once I judge those people (most likely women, I'm sorry to say) for their behavior, I am no better than any of them. For the record: they say up front: we are not Christian, this is not a Christian site, do not presume that we are. Oh, don't worry.

And, I'm thankful for His mercy and Grace that allow me to stumble and start over new every morning.


Zoe said...

Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for opening your heart and posting on my blog. We have walked a similar road you are on right now. I'm praying the Lord will visit you with His presence and His provision.
I hope you will continue the conversation. I look forward to learning from you soon.

Roxanne said...

Oh, heavens!!!!! I HOPE there was no one with a video camera following me around the first 5 years I taught--OR the first five years I was a mother of one then two babies. . .or the first 5 years I was married. . .*shudder* EVERYONE is entitled to change their mind, their opinion, and their lipstick and hair color. Just sayin'.

Donna said...

For what it's worth - I was also one of the "not chosen" in the blog contest so I feel your pain.
Also for what it's worth - thanks to the contest I discovered your blog plus a couple of others that now regularly encourage me as I stumble through this Christian walk.
Finally, for what it's worth - I am thankful that God does allow us to "change our minds" and make mistakes and a multitude of other ways of saying "I was wrong" and yet loves us still.
Thanks for the encouragement - even when your morning starts out lousy.

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