Keep Them On Their Toes

Just a little funny about our family being in this limbo state. It's kind of funny, but it seems to be happening with increasing frequency that we're beginning to feel... a little invisible.

It seems that my determination to move at Christmas break (that didn't happen) and Troy already living in Dallas during the week, as well as a few other factors (like us pulling out of many activities and commitments at church) has led many people to believe that we have, all of us, already moved. Which is fine, I suppose.

One weekend in February when there were many out-of-town visitors at church anyway, the guy serving communion to us said, "HEY! Welcome back!" Um... thanks? Were we gone? The very same week I heard from one woman that I honestly never see anyway. We have children the same age and they have classes together, but unless she had specifically asked her son if my daughter was still in class, she would have no way of knowing what our status is. She needed to ask me a question on facebook and ended it with, "I hope you guys are doing well in Dallas. We miss you here!" Won't SHE be surprised to see us at the Spring band concert! :-)

It kind of died down a little, but last weekend we threw a few more people for a loop when we went to a different church service. Troy used to sing on the praise team and our family would attend whichever service he was singing for. He finally stopped doing that, too -- when you're only home for about 36 hours, one hour of praise team practice is a lot, and not sitting with your family to worship is a valuable hour you miss. So now we always attend the same worship service. However, last weekend, we needed to attend a different one.

We got several long lost greetings of welcomes and pats on the back. One octogenarian heartily welcomed Ashley back. It stressed her out. You just have to laugh.

I think you people all know, if you've been reading. If nothing else, you saw it here yesterday: I still live in my same old town. Troy lives with my aunt and uncle in our new town until our house sells and definitely until school is out. So, until June -- I'll be seeing you!

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M. Stirman said...

Some times,being half invisible is a good thing. At least a lot of people who don't know your family well are saying nice things to you instead of ignoring you. Right? Blessings for the journey.

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