Helpful Tip Re: Dishwashers

You know, I try to stick to just being encouraging us on our daily walk around here, but I came across something last weekend that I have to share. And if clean dishes don't get you closer to Jesus, I don't know what will...

So. I read this VERY helpful blog post. Actually, the post itself was simply a "Ask the Reader" question: have you found that your dishes aren't getting clean in the dishwasher, too? She did mention that due to new regulations, dishwasher detergents no longer have phosphates. Well, evidently phosphates are what get your dishes clean because now I unload cloudy dishes (okay -- truth is my kids unload cloudy dishes) from the dishwasher. We have tried the citric acid, rinse aid, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and the ONE stinkin' thing that ever got my dishes a little bit clean was those capsule things. Which, of course, dishwasher repair guy (when we called and said, "These dishes are FILTHY!") says, "You really shouldn't use the capsule things. Seems they don't REALLY dissolve all the way and you have residue and what-not and perhaps an even BIGGER repair bill. Like we need that.

So if you don't want to read all 60-odd comments on the helpful post, the most common one was to simply put 1/2 c. to 1 c. vinegar in the bottom of your dishwasher as you start it. We have tried it once -- I had no idea I would ever see glasses that clean again. I am simply astonished.

I am only a blogger, I am not an appliance repair person, and I will not pay for any damages to your appliances incurred should any happen. But... c'mon. It's vinegar. If you're eating/ drinking out of cloudy glasses and dishes, can it really hurt to try? I think not. We are a little bit giddy with our almost new glasses over here!

Do you have any other great household tips for me? Would love to hear!


Wendy said...

I use vinegar instead of fabric softener in my washing machine. Fabric softener is evil... full of chemicals. I just pour it in - I guess about 2 tablespoons a load.

Wendy said...

Sarah, you can also use vinegar instead of the rinse aid in the dishwasher

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