And to All,... A Good Night!

The end of a wonderful Christmas Day in our home. We have no (blood) family in this town. That has left the 4 of us to become rather selfish with our Christmas Day. Maybe I'm doing my children a disservice, but it's pretty much a day devoted to whatever the world we wanna do. Which looked like this today: Wii, waffles, more Wii, a nap for me, more Wii, Ashley and Troy hunting, Wii challenge for Riley and me, a walk for Duchess and me, dinner, and now the Wii blazes on.

Oh... we got a Wii, can you tell? Back when two incomes were still rolling into this family, Santa sprung for a Wii and WiiFit for the fam. The WiiFit ... a little humbling, to say the least. I'm in not-bad-shape, but I can't get my WiiFit to even tell me I am my OWN age, much less any younger. Bummer. Leaves me with a goal, I guess.

I'm curious about the food traditions for Christmas for you... Breakfast? What's always on the menu? We have ALWAYS had 'monkey bread', but this year Troy wanted waffles. So, the kids agreed to waffles if I'll do monkey bread soon. Saturday it is. Also, we don't do turkey, et. al for Christmas day. I do something my whole family likes and will eat. Today, none of the cooking went too well. I burned the sausage with the waffles. The waffles didn't come out right. The dish I make for dinner we call "Angel Hair". Guess which kind of pasta I failed to pick up? *sigh* Again, this day is for screw ups and do-overs and rejoicing in the One whose mercies are new every morning. Good thing -- my cooking brain definitely took a holiday today!

That confession is especially for those friends that I boasted to yesterday "I am DONE with my shopping -- I plan ahead!!" Pride before the fall, as well as the spaghetti called "Angel Hair".

So tomorrow brings me back to more wrapping and planning and packing for another Christmas. Oh -- I didn't mention my ONE cooking success. Gingersnaps. OH. MY. STARS. I have easily eaten two dozen -- I'm not exaggerating a cookie, and may be underestimating. I got a WONDERFUL recipe that made a HUGE batch. Thankfully, after my gorging, I still have about 6 dozen to take to Louisiana. I really need them away from me. Maybe if I just eat them all at once...

Roxanne is Christmas without her daddy.

Judy is Christmas without her son.

John is Christmas without his son.

Prayers for each of these precious people and their families.

Hard Christmas for so many, but "we do not grieve as one without hope". Our hope lay in the hay thousands of years ago, just for us. May you find His blessings this season.


Tammy M. said...

We went Italian this year in honor of my husbands heritage, we used to be Marcelano before Ellis Island. I made homemade pizza for Christmas Eve and Homemade spaghetti for Christmas night. We had a wonderful brunch filled with homemade ham and cheese rolls (everyone's favorite) homemade cinnamon rolls, green chile strata, muffins, baked brie wrapped in croissant and brownsugar on the top. It was a yummy morning. I cooked for hours to make it all happen but it was fun.

Roxanne said...

And we muddled through over here in Louisiana. We stayed in our pajamas all day yesterday and a large portion of today. No one sang Farther Along, so we did fine. :)

Susan said...

I grew up with a mom who cooked turkey and dressing on other days (not Thanksgiving and Christmas). She didn't want to have the traditional meal on those days since "everyone else was having it." Hmm... and I wonder where I get my defiant streak!?

We had Greek shrimp, Aunt Doris' dressing, strawberry pretzel salad and dilled carrots. It was delicious. I usually make breakfast, too, but we went to IHOP instead yesterday.

dad said...

We had the semi-traditional lamb with curried rice. Yummy. Momma did a fine job of putting a tasty feast on the beautifully-decorated table. And a fine time was had by all.

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