Coffee Group Defined

I am a blessed woman on SO many levels. One is the abundant riches I have in friendships. I have friends far and near that time has forged into sisters for me. One of those beautiful friends sent me a video this week that just "got it". Then another beautiful friend sent me the same video. I posted it on Coffee Group website because it really defines who we are and what we mean to each other in Coffee Group. I encourage you to take a few minutes, grab a Kleenex, and go check it out.


Roxanne said...

The hand that rocks the cradle is holding on to the hand of someone else who rocks a cradle. . .because that's what women do. I am glad that I've had you to walk through so many of those events she mentioned. I know there will be more. . .and I know you will be there for each one.

Trina said... powerful. Thanks

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