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Well, how 'bout THAT for an unannounced little bloggy break? I would love to tell you that I was feeding the poor while entertaining holiday guests in my beautifully decorated home, but no. I have no idea WHAT I was doing. I did go to physical therapy a few times and that is just a really good thing, people. Get yourself into some physical therapy to fix what ails you! My friend Megan will be one soon -- and she will rock! And, I did a little decorating and a little wrapping but still have lots to put together around here. Not much left to wrap, though -- when your family goes from 2 incomes to one a month or two before the bottom falls out of the stock market, Christmas isn't quite as extravagant as other years. I'm not complaining -- no one in my family can really think of anything they NEED, so that's a pretty sweet Christmas gift right there.

So while I continue to finish up holiday obligations over here, I have a question for you: what song is sung in a church setting (devos, kids worship, house church, etc. all count) that you would really be okay to NEVER hear/sing again? Not for emotional reasons, just because it bugs you? Leave out the ones that just don't make sense scripturally ("There Shall Be Showers of Blessing" and "Mansion Over the Hilltop" come to mind -- and "Back, Back Train") but just give me one ... or five, your call ... that you just don't enjoy.

I'll tell you mine, and I do so with trepidation because it comes from beautiful scripture, but IT. HAS. BEEN. DONE. Again and again and again my soul has panted for Him as a deer pants for the water. Now we sing a newer version at church that has a better feel/ melody/ something that I ENJOY but I really don't enjoy the late '80's version of "As the Deer". Sorry if it's your favorite.

Someone has to tell my husband that he has to comment because his is hilarious. He's sung it a time or twelve at funerals and if you need to sing it at his funeral, you are not invited to come OR sing! :-)

THIS song is an 'oldie' that I am loving lately. I bought Travis Cottrell's Christmas CD off iTunes, and this is the last song. I am LOVING it being in with my Christmas music. Enjoy.


dad said...

"Precious Memories"!!
I originally had some vicious things to say about it, but figured one of your gentle readers might love it. But seriously folks, it has nada to do with scripture or praise, and only serves to jerk tears out of people of a certain age.

Glad you mentioned "Mansion over the Hilltop". Exceptionally contrived lyrics with a materialistic message.

Having been a song leader for 20 years, I got lots of them. However, I do like "As the deer".

Donna said...

Well, you did take a little blog break. : ) The first song that comes to mind is beautiful when performed by an orchestra, or brass ensemble. Guess that leaves most of us out! Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee. Those notes just were not meant for a vocal arrangement. I've sung it too many times in assemblies and I just have come to dread seeing it on the worship order. It doesn't hurt that there was a skit that Lighthouse (drama group from the student center at NLU) did that involved that song being butchered.
That's all for now. I'm sure I'll think of another, or ten.

Roxanne said...

"Hallelujah! What a Savior." That is like a Gregorian chant that does NOT belong in an acapella worship where beautiful melodies abound.

And YOU, YOU, YOU (and now my Daddy) have RUINED "In Christ Alone" for me. YOUR bursting and plucking, and then my DADDY being called home had me giggling then quietly weeping yesterday morning all within three verses. . .unfortunately the giggles were momentary, but the tears lasted well past communion.

The only one on the list that I don't care for so far is "Precious Memories."

Kelly Sessions said...

"THis is my Story This is My Song!"
actually we had one of the OLD army green song books at home from Western Hills when we used the number boards on the side of the pulpit. Just adding triangles and weird shapes doesnt make it any better...I think i'd have to say most of those in that book...just brutal tempos and octaves!

Michelle said...

The Lord said to Noah, there's gonna be a floody floody, Lord said to Noah there's gonna be a floody floody, get those children (beat) out of the muddy, muddy, children of the Lord....
Now I'll be singing it all day. Thanks Sarah. :)

Linda said...

"Oh how He LOVES us so,
Oh how He LOVES us,
How He LOVES us, so..."

It's "How He Loves" by John Mark McMillan.

The whole "So heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss" line just REALLY loses me...

if I never have to sing/sign it again, I'd be happy....


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