Why Is It?

Why is it that you can take not-so-smallish kids to the dentist's office and they climb up the walls, stand on the chairs, swing on the doors, then on to get a haircut where they roll on the floor collecting hair from the last decade, re-arrange the furniture and engage in hand-to-hand combat in such a manner that granny gets knocked off of her walker, then when you return home they collapse on the couch and lie inert for the remainder of the day?


Terral Anderson said...

It is the same thing when you are on the phone. They don't want to talk or jabber in my case unless you are on the phone. They don't want to be carried unless your arms are full of cokes and nachos. If they are empty they want to be independent! They don't want the sippy cup when you are stopped at the red light, but when you are driving and they drop it they really need it! I think it is like that frog on bugs bunny who performed when no one was around. Hello my baby, hello my darling, hello my rag top gal, and then he'd ribbet when someone might be watching. They've got our number! Even my 20month old does.

Donna said...

Terral, that is so true! I got a good laugh about the frog example. Ah, the joys of motherhood!

Roxanne said...

I'm about to take my children to the carwash with me. It is pouring rain, but the inside of my car is so deplorable, that I cannot stand to inhabit it for the next 10 days. . .which is what I have to do on my whirlwind tour of east Texas, northern Louisiana, and central Arkansas. I expect this scene to be replicated here in Houston, except hopefully without the Granny and the walker incident. Maybe I should excercise my vocal cords to since choruses of "Hello, my honey. Hello, my baby. . ."

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