A Pic for Monday

Returning from our get-away week, Troy and I stopped in a convenience store in Small Town, Texas. Small Town was a lovely town with a quaint little square full of shops surrounding the courthouse. And, as evidenced by this picture, a wonderful town full of people being community to each other. And, believe me, I know the spirit behind the people doing this is pure gold. They are doing what they know to do to help someone they love. But it made me laugh uncontrollably.

'Cause, and I'm just throwing this out here, to benefit someone's heart condition, you may want to go with something other than fried pies, cream puffs, cakes, and breads. But that's just me.


mad4books said...

Don't you know the ambulance drivers of Small Town just winked knowingly at each other when they saw this?

"Bidness is good, Junior...and it looks like it's gonna STAY good..."

Roxanne said...

Those are probably the dessert for the fish fry supper being held over at the church building.

Merci said...

:::chuckle::: Yeah, that would have gotten a guffaw out of me too! Priceless.

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