Summer Blahs

Yes, I'm actually in town. And perusing my list of summer-things-to-do-still-undone. And it is LONG. I haven't touched my sewing machine. I've done 2 of about 10 things I was going to do for my classroom. I have moved back in from the month-long hotel stay, but I still seem to have plenty of overflowing drawers and cabinets.

Obviously, I'm not really blowing the doors off the bloggy world, either. Because I'm not doing anything. Well, nothing to report anyway. And I'm evidently not thinking anything. Well, nothing to report anyway. "If you can't say something nice...!"

It finally is raining for less than an hour each day (I don't think it has rained at all today -- yet!) so we are soaking up our pool time. We're also in the middle of summer league baseball. It's two weeks of games and players change positions each innings. It's been a real learning experience for everyone. It is also the best summer ever to have picked to play summer league. It's the end of July and temperatures are in the 80's or even 70's by the evening. That does NOT happen around here -- ever. And, there's always Webkins, the biggest time-drainer, ever. But Goober's Lab was the game of the day yesterday, people! You CANNOT pass up a deal like that!

Yes, I know, I promised a report of our get-away, but I also promised a report on my Colorado trip 13 months ago. I've gotta pace myself. For the record, we went to Fredericksburg, Texas, and relaxed so well we slid around like the folks on the McDonald's breakfast commercials. You know, I THOUGHT that Troy and I were doing okay about protecting our time together -- we have fairly regular date nights and lunch dates -- but a vacation together is a whole other deal. Did you know that a vacation without children is actually restful and relaxing? Who knew? It was nice to find out we can still hold a conversation, laugh, and just sit together well.

So I shall go and do some more fun summer things -- like laundry and wiping the ice cream handprints off the doors -- and commit to try to think or do something exciting to report. So how's your summer going? Do you make a to-do list? If so, are you tackling it?


mad4books said...

Is there any Harry Potter reading going on at your house? I'm on p. 428 (yes, I'm a slow reader)!

I'll bet parents all over America are happy for a day or two of quiet during Summer Vacation as their kids devour this book.

Roxanne said...

I had a list, but being in charge of too much and then travelling too much has pushed the list to this late date. I HAVE gotten the (useless) kitchen closet cleaned out, the kids' hair cut, my (free) pedicure, and read the 7th Harry Potter book.

Terral said...

I love to scratch through my to do list. I am a little bit of a clean freak, so getting anything organized is like a Mr.Clean high. For about 2 weeks after I complete my list I relax. Then I start making a new list.

Denise W said...

I've been considering picking up the shoes out of the hall....

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