What Do You Know...?

What do you know when:
  • you're scrounging dinner from what you can create from the 'fridge because it's the end of camp/vacation month and payday is still two days away?
  • your washing machine sits chock full of hot water and nasty whites that desperately need to be agitating, yet still it sits? (At least YOU are agitated by this point).
  • the "hit-the-tennis-ball-against-the-wall-between-the-windows" game finally results in a broken window?
  • you have a meeting to look forward to for the evening hours?

You know it must be a Monday. Good thing God is bigger than all those little annoyances.


Roxanne said...

Oh, sounds like you had a fun beginning to your week. . .I hope the meeting was short and that Troy got the whites to agitate without having to physically shake the washing machine and that you had plenty of duct tape to keep the valuable air conditioning from escaping through your ex-window.

Val said...

That sounds a lot like my Mondays, too. Except I'm usually running so far behind they don't hit me until Wednesday afternoon.

Denise W said...

It's Monday but Sunday's coming....

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