Heavy Thoughts for the 4th

I haven't been able to get this post out of my mind. If you're too busy/ lazy to click over, the part that I think about the most is the question: "What if all of life was worship--the way we approached every day...expecting God to show up?" I admit that I initially, very smugly, thought, "Yes, indeed, it is the way I live life and it is a glorious life."

So I challenged myself, for one day, to "expect God to show up." It starts out easy enough, because my summer habit has become to start my day with my Bible and prayer, then go on my walk, where I generally continue much of my prayer. Which is why I felt like it is how I spend my day. And, no doubt, I do spend much of my day in constant dialogue with God and enjoy the constant conversation.

However, as I spent a day "expecting God to show up" I realized there is virtually nothing I want to be caught watching on TV when God does show up -- I'm either feeding my desire for materialism, or enjoying watching someone else's immoral life. If God is going to be present in my driving, I may want to take it a little easier on my fellow travelers and obey all traffic laws, not merely regard them as "suggestions". I also need to live a little less by my 'to-do' list, and a little more, well, expecting Him to need me to get off my franny when He shows up. Not that I'm on my franny all the time, but I do LOVE my to-do list, and to veer from it is difficult. But I'm willing to bet God just might show up with something for me to do that is NOT on my to-do list. That's a challenge. Of course, there's always the constant arguing of the children -- is God in that? Maybe not, but I bet God wants me to guide them in problem solving rather than yell at them to cut it out.

I know this is another variation on the 'WWJD' theme/ idea, but we don't have bracelets made just yet, so people may actually think about it. What does your day look like when you expect God to show up? Give it a try -- you may be surprised to find that He's already there, just waiting for you to notice.

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mad4books said...

Have you been reading my mind?! Your third and fourth paragraphs are almost word-for-word the conversation I had with my parents the other night!!! How becoming a parent and becoming a Christian change EVERYTHING!

As I grow spiritually, I'm starting to consider "What would Jesus do?" in every decision, great or small. I want to please God with my choice of car, with what I eat, with how I treat others, with the care and exercise I give the temple He all matters, great and small. ("He who is faithful in little...")

After reading how America treats cattle in _The Omnivore's Dilemma_, I've told my husband to count me out of the red meat consumption around here, unless he pays more for humanely raised beef. (I ate a growth hormone & antibiotic free, humanely-raised BUFFALO burger at yesterday's 4th of July party.)

Yeah, I want to be faithful in the little things...and become the kind of person He can trust with the big things.

(And if you keep posting blogs that EXACTLY REFLECT what's been on my heart lately--like your cloud of witnesses and this WWJD post--you are gonna' freak me right out!)

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