Happy Hour, Good Grammar, and Deadlines

I ripped this off of Beth Moore's blog -- all in the name of sisterly encouragement, of course. I'm sure Beth won't mind! I do love it.

Riley is back at school and feelin', well, not-quite-groovy, but much better.

A few funnies from today: I had to stop at Coach Brady's house to deal with some fund-raising stuff and was outside visiting. Ashley was getting antsy to leave and, at one point, yelled out, "Moooooommmmm, happy hour is almost over!" It took me a second to realize what she was talking about and I felt the need to turn to Brooke and Brady and explain: "She's talking about Happy Hour at Sonic (half-price slushes), not at the hotel." Later I realized that my need to explain was probably a little incriminating in itself!

Later, I had homework for her "s*x ed" class at school -- that is more like a self-esteem, value-yourself class thus far. I was supposed to list at least ten values that are important for me to pass along to my daughter. I confess I wanted to put, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself," and think that pretty well covers it, but I tried to come up with 10 things. When I got Troy to help me we came up with 10 that seemed VERY redundant to me (can YOU come up with 10 different values you want to pass along to your child?) Ashley was going over the list and laughed at my #10. I tried to explain, "Punctuality goes with respect for other people and their time" (yes, it's a value I would LIKE to pass along to my children, but probably won't since it is rarely modeled for them). She is enlightened now, "Oh! I thought you were talking about using periods, commas, and quotation marks." So then I had to explain the difference between punctuation and punctuality. AND I had an 11th value I wanted to put: Good grammar.

I've had several people ask me: How much longer? I honestly don't know what they are asking -- until we can move back to our house or until our house is put back together. No matter -- I know the answer to neither. I don't mind not knowing the answer and I figure I'm probably happier not knowing -- but I feel like a bit of an idiot admitting I have no idea. I think that somewhere in there someone has told me a when -- but the only one I know for sure I've been told has already come and gone and deadline not met. So I ignore. But in my attempt to make everyone happy -- or maybe just make me look like less of an idiot -- I have decided that my answer will be, "About another week." How long until they are finished? About another week. How long will you still be living at the hotel? About another week. How long will it take for your house to be finished? About another week. Until then, I'll be poolside enjoying happy hour! :-) Sonic's OR the hotel's!


Tammy M. said...

Ah....sounds delicious!

Tammy M. said...

Oh yeah, when I read the post I thought you meant punctuation rather than punctuality, consider the source I guess...and our minds lead us to think what fits. You are very punctual, but your punctuation is to die for.

Kendra said...

Given the chance I would have listed as a value the importantance of the school-home connection and to always make sure your parents know about s*x ed homework. Oops!

Roxanne said...

There has got to be some law written somewhere that no parent should have to deal with s*x ed class while living in a hotel due to a large trench running the length of their house.

Just sayin'.

Roxanne said...

And more, more, more happy hours for you--whether that means getting the beverage of your choice for cheap OR moving back into your home.

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