Words of Wisdom from Donna Leavelle

I hope you know my friend, Donna Leavelle. She's as much fun as your best girlfriend, dispenses wonderful advice like your mom or sister, and has more love than most grandmas. I've had the honor of knowing her for over 12 years and calling her friend for more than half of that. She does have children my age, so she's fairly free with the advice, and I'm always happy to hear it.

Last week was an irritating week. I started to say 'stressful', but irritating is more appropriate. I've had stressful weeks and this didn't really qualify. All of the irritations built up and piled on -- and Donna's words began to ring in my ears:

"If you have problems that money can solve, then you don't really have problems."

*whew* Good to know my irritations are not actual problems! But she's right. In the past month or two, I have prayed with a friend whose little boy had a tumor inside his head. I have hugged a widow and a young mother (2 different people) both of whom are experiencing grief and loss beyond what I can imagine. It is true -- I do not have real problems. I have irritations and, thank you, Lord, another paycheck or twelve will take care of it. I'm glad Donna is always willing to remind me!

But I'm irritated nonetheless, and fairly grouchy as my family can attest. Which brings me to my 2nd favorite quote of Donnas:

"Well, you've got the same britches to get happy in!"

I really love this one for several reasons. First of all, it always makes me laugh! But, it's really true, as well. The choice is mine. I have irritations in my life. I guess the only people who don't have passed from this life and are enjoying choir practice with the angels. I hope that I can one day learn to 'be happy in my britches' no matter the circumstances or irritations!

Donna, thanks for all of the advice, as well as the love with which it is dispensed! I want to be like you when I grow up!

With Troy out of town, the kids and I are having a 'sleepover'. We've already had our pizza and been to the swim club, so now we're going to watch a movie and pop popcorn. We'll blow up the air mattress and plop it in the middle of the living room (the danger in that is that there is an excellent chance it will still be in the middle of the living room when Troy gets home in 2 days!) It's just a fun thing to free me of being a mean ol' mom when I don't have back-up. Of course, it helps pass the time while he's gone, too.

Oh, and even though I got very little sleep last night, we all had a great day. God is good!

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