I've Been Sniffed -- AGAIN!!!

If you don't know the original story of me being sniffed, I wrote about it in Aroma of Christ. I have to admit, it's much funnier than this morning, but this morning definitely took me aback!

First, allow me to point out that I have officially become my mother. Not that that's a bad thing. But in just the last year I believe I have officially cried through every worship service I have attended. I keep saying that my goal is to leave church in all of the make-up that I wore TO church, but I think I may as well give up on that. So, this morning I am singing and praising my little heart out, eyes closed, with my hands held out (at this point, Western Hills members and Forsythe members, they were still below my shoulders. Please do not dis-fellowship me! :-) Something that feels like a puppy nose is in my palm -- it's Ashley's nose, deep into my palm taking a long sniff. Then the comment: "Your hands smell like chocolate chip cookies." The moment was definitely over. I guess my Ocean Potion After Sun Aloe Vera lotion also has some vanilla in it, hence the bakery smell.

Thinking of becoming our parents -- one of my favorite lines from the sit-com "Friends" is when Rachel took Joey sailing and yelled at him about everything. When he finally confronted her about it, she was so deflated and replied, "You're right. I have become my father! I was trying so hard not to be my mother, I did not see that coming!"
Let's just all try to look like our Father!


Anonymous said...

This must have been a "sniffing" Sunday at church. Ashlynn got bit by some mosquitos yesterday while playing in her new swimming pool. I was telling one of her Bible class teachers that I would have to get some mosquito repellant as well to use with the sunblock. She told me about one she'd found that had BOTH in it. I went on to tell her that Pat was allergic to the DEET in the mosquito repellants. She said she was highly allergic to mosquito bites and had found one without any DEET in it. She said the only problem with it was that it smelled like FRITOS! Personally, I think I'd prefer your chocolate chip cookie smell! ha

Anonymous said...

Oops...I just forgot to sign the previous blog at 11:24!

Also, I can relate about the make-up issue! Many a Sunday I wonder how many people see my make-up running down my face. I'm just an emotional person...what can I say?! I've decide maybe I shouldn't wear mascara on Sundays! ha Or maybe we need to sit together!

Have a great week!!


Sarah said...

Yep, let's sit together -- especially since it appears that all of the Kleenex boxes seem to be on the side that you normally sit on! :-)

And, yes, I think I prefer smelling like chocolate chip cookies to Fritos -- but that's certainly a personal preference! :-)

Mary Jo said...

You are such a gifted writer. I know I have told you that a million times, but I just love reading your articles and blogs. You are so insightful as to how events in your life (such as being 'sniffed')relate to God's word and your journey to His throne.

Anonymous said...

Well, no one has ever accused this father of smelling good in such a creative way. Usually, all I get is...
"Ewwwww Dad- why don't you take a shower???" (Ashley- age 9)
(SIGH) I guess the "odor" of responsibility is not quite as tranquil as the odor of one's mother who is quite content to smell as lovely as she appears!
-Troy S.

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