More pondering. . .

This week Ashley is in softball camp. A few weeks ago, Riley was in basebal camp. As I ponder what they may or may not be active in later in school, I have some questions. Mainly -- why is it that a male sports team is the last place you will find a (openly) homosexual and a female sports team is the first place you will find a homosexual? I find that most curious.


Anonymous said...

Because men find the idea of two women together exciting but find the idea of two men together distastful. This is fostered by the porn industry, MTV, Howard Stern, Girls Gone Wild, etc. So men are ok with lesbians but not with gays. We (women) have tried to be sexy by encouraging causal bisexuality and now young girls think that's normal. I think that the porn industry in influencing all types of sexual identites, likes/dislikes, even the way we dress and fix our hair.
Nothing encouraging here - just more questions

Roxanne said...

Okay, Sarah. You crack me up. . .I have absolutely no answer to your question, but have enjoyed perusing the past few posts I've missed. . .loved the one about "the fathers" AND the "honorable mentions" at the end. I would take out Paul Benjamin (seeing as how I didn't know him) and include Scott Cody (seeing as how I didn't date him. . .just had to say that.), and even though they don't belong to me, I would include your dad and Max in my list of men who helped to shape me--I have several quotes from either stored in my brain. . .not the least of which is "high your skirts about you and run."

Miss you--glad you and the kids had a great slumber party. Love you too--


By the way--I set up a blogger account so that I could reply to Becky's blog--haven't written anything yet--not sure if I'm ready to have my thoughts floating around out there in space--but will give it a shot later.

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