Happy Birthday, Troy!

Thirty-six years ago today God brought Troy Michael Stirman into the world. Linda would have told you it was quite a long, arduous trip for everyone. My favorite birthday song is from Karyn Henley:

Dear Special Friend,
It is your birthday,
It is the day that Jesus sent you to the earth.
And we rejoice
We come to celebrate
'Cause we love you and we thank Him for the blessing of your birth!

And Troy's birth is, indeed, a blessing. I am so thankful for him in so many ways. To many people we are simply "TroyandSarah" altogether -- a cute little couple that seems to have everything put together. The 'behind the scenes' of that is that we both have worked hard at our marriage, and I have been able to witness how hard Troy is willing to work for our marriage and to show me how valuable I am to him. I could go on and on about all of the things I love about Troy, but that would just show you how whacky I am. But I must touch on some highlights:

Troy is still willing to let God work on him. Troy has come a long way since I've known him (we both have) from believing he has all the answers to listening for God's guidance for the answers. I'm so thankful for how he has allowed God to work on his heart and continues to submit to His will.

Troy is a great daddy. The kids love his mere presence and he plays so hard with them. I'm so thankful for how he loves to be with them. He also is a fair and consistent disciplinarian. Far more than I am. He simply loves them too much to accept bad behavior.

Troy is a little kid when it comes to learning. Everything is exciting and interesting to him. Animals, space, geology, people, horticulture, and most of all, WORLD WAR II are all fascinating topics to him. I think that's why he's good at his job -- he can always find something that interests you that interests him, as well.

I have to stop now, simply for time. I'm so thankful for the man that my husband is, for his parents that raised him to be the man he is, and for God for leading me to him. Troy, I'm so glad you're on my trips around the sun! Happy Birthday!

Added later, as I remembered: Heard today of someone I know in Central Texas who is having to return to working full time now that "the baby" is going to Kindergarten. She REALLY doesn't want to, but her husband says they really need for her to work. Since they have that horse that they have to pay to stable and they have to pay for riding lessons for the oldest and tennis lessons for the youngest. Again -- I make no editorials, only know that I can't make it work for me to work full time. Thank you, Troy, for understanding that, above all, I feel called to make my family's life comfortable and supporting me in that.

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