Moving Housekeeping

This post is primarily a way for me to mass distribute information to people that may be interested in the details of our upcoming move. If you have no interest in my move (who can blame you? I am bored to tears with it myself!) and are here looking for some family fun or hilarity, you can go read this post.

This is easier to do in FAQ form, since I know which questions I get asked most frequently. Let's play FAQ about the move! (and, again, you don't have to care AT ALL).

How are things going with the sale?
Which one? The contract on the house I currently live in is beyond option period, so it's a done deal. The Dallas-area house is still in option, inspection next week. There's been some annoying stuff, as with every real estate transaction, but so far all seems well.

When do you close?
We close on this house on May 11 and on the Dallas-area house on May 12. We load the truck here May 10 (same day as Ashley's band concert!) and unload in Dallas-area on May 14.

What will you do about school for the kids?
The kids shouldn't miss any school and will finish out the school year here. We do have to be out of this house when we close, so we will have some temporary living arrangements. Friends have offered, but the first week of back and forth (and band concerts) we may just do hotels.

Where are you living in the Dallas-area?
Email me or message me -- I'll tell you. We chose the area that we did for the schools. Not quality -- there are a LOT of quality schools around -- but for size. This particular district is committed to less than 10 million per graduating class, which some like to boast. The drawback is that it will be QUITE a commute for Troy. We have agreed that this will be our "5 year house": get the kids out of high school, move closer in.

What do you think of your new house?
Haven't seen it in person! Troy SKYPEd it to me last week, I've seen the web pics and a virtual tour. All great. I'm excited to get moved in. It looks great. Troy is nervous that I haven't seen it -- I am not. Technology has allowed me to "virtually see it" VERY well.

How are the kids doing?
Awesome. We're all just READY.

So... I think I'm out of FAQ's about the move. The main one I get is about when everything is happening. So.
May 10: load truck here
May 11: close house here
May 12: close house there
May 14: unload truck there (spend our first night in our new house!)
May 15: kids and I return here for them to finish last 2 weeks of school

We have already committed to being here the weekend of the 22nd for something, so we'll be around. However, once the kids are out of school after finals on the 27th, we'll probably grab one last Sharky's lunch *sniff*... and be gone.

So. That's that. I have LOVED all of the tips I got from my "Ask the Bloggy Friends" about moving tips and tricks. I confess that I initially wanted to lay down and take a nap -- then cry -- because it was all too much, but I am seeing the genius in all of it. LOVED KC's advice to "agree on your approach" -- something I hadn't considered since I am doing so much of this alone.

My favorite is that my husband does not feel the need to label ANYTHING. Unpacking will be Christmas morning for him. I guess he figures since I fussed for 5 years about the time that he and a friend moved us out of our 800 sq ft apartment, dumping everything into boxes marked 'miscellaneous' -- he just figures an unmarked box is better. Bless us everyone...

Anyone have a funny moving story? Loved Scott's story about the mail from the people who had the same last name as them! (Please don't tell me nightmares about missed closings or dishonest movers -- only funny stories allowed today!)


Bob said...

I like Troy's method. "Oh, look, honey. I found the cat!"

Roxanne said...

At least Troy used boxes. Tony's preferred method of moving was black, plastic garbage bags.

Wendy said...

Tense few hours when I was about 30 weeks pregnant and we were selling our 2 bedroom semi-detached and upgrading. WE were settling on the house we were selling and the house we were buying on same day. Got a call about 11am to say that our purchaser hadn't got her end sorted out and couldn't settle till the next day. Which meant we couldn't settle on the one we were buying, nor could the vendors of that house settle on the 2 properties they were purchasing. Nor could we move in without settling. Some tense negotiation ensued, we paid occupational rent for one day so that we could tell the movers to actually move our stuff and all the moves happened on the day. It was stressful..

Turns out that our purchaser had been slack because she wasnt planning on moving in immediately anyway as she planned to do some work on the house, and our lawyer had been slack in not checking when she would settle. The vendors of the house we were moving to were NOT happy... They were mving to a town a couple of hours away and didn't get there that night cos of the delay.

On the other hand when we moved from that house to our current one we had weeks and weeks between houses.

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