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If you have not heard the news, the BEST thing out there is that I got a contract on my house today. We are celebrating! Now a new and different stress takes over, but it all means we are one step closer to living together as a family! So very happy!

I sent my Facebook friends to this post. If you didn't go, go NOW. Seriously amazing stuff from a Broadway actor. Love hearing from people of faith in "the biz." Crazy good.

Michael Hyatt, a constant fave of mine, talks about how to get out of a funk. Now, it's spring. You shouldn't be in a funk, but file it for the next rainy day/ snow storm.

Dan Pearce writes a moving, poignant post about the blessing and responsibility we have as parents, specifically dads. Powerful.

Chris Gallagher wrote a cool piece about when God closes a door. Good read.

Even before we got the contract I have started packiing up the house. As I empty out one cabinet, I'll find myself humming this song, getting a little weepy. Lots of memories in this house:

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Roxanne said...

SO GLAD about the house!!!

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