Friday Fun

It's been a LOOOOOOOOONG week, y'all.

Yesterday it was summed up thusly: driving the kids to school we got stuck behind a garbage truck. Literally had a plastic bag, milk carton, and lettuce leaf rain on us before I ran over the dead possum. Too fitting.

THEN just this minute I went and stood in the garage over gasoline cans to unpack a box to fish out a USB port that one child "had to have" and I will give it an 87% chance that upon producing it for same child, the response will be, "Oh... never mind. My partner has one." It's just the way the week has gone.

So, I really needed some laughs. And Tim Hawkins ALWAYS delivers. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Jae said...

Ahhhh!!! Love me some Tim!!! Yes, thanks for candy vid. :)

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