Ask the Bloggy Friends: Moving Tips and Tricks

So... if you haven't heard... I'M MOVING! Yay! We are beginning the packing-in-earnest process and looking to the move ahead. It has been a while since I moved and I am not what one would call a pro at this.

So... let's play a game of "Ask the Bloggy Friends," 'kay?
I have received a lot of helpful advice from this post (including the part about hiring professional movers if at all possible)!

Do you have a great tip or trick about packing for a move? (Not packing the truck -- SOOOOoooo not my job!) Most of you have moved more recently or more often than me! Let me know any great thoughts you have!


dad said...

Send your brother and V. an email. They're not on FB, and they seem to be good at moving.

Anonymous said...

Agree on your approach, i.e. "every item will be protected as if it were the last egg on earth" versus "let's just get it done as efficiently as possible and if there are a couple of insignificant casualties that's acceptable."

Bad hired help is worse than no hired help (I got a foot through the ceiling b/c of this).

Liquor stores have the best boxes.

If u r gonna have friends help, make the process efficient.

Schedule the cleaning company a couple weeks in advance.

Call my buddy Pat to address remodeling required by the inspector, and don't be afraid to question the inspector on some unexpected suggestions or requirements.

Pack separate bags as if you're going on vacation, so you know you'll have a week's worth of what you'll need no matter what happens to your stuff or if boxes get misplaced.

If you're gonna move in a cattle trailer I got a whole bunch more advise. :)


Jenni said...

I'm very organized packer and a strict list-maker. What has worked for me is to color code the boxes by room (blue=kitchen, white=master, green=office, etc) using colored index cards or post-its on each box. On that box label, I inventory the box. I also write that inventory on a legal pad for each box. The boxes are also numbered, both on the box and on the list.

This way I know how many boxes there are, if they all made it, exactly where things are if I am looking for a specific something. If one or more of your boxes don't make it, then you also have a detailed inventory for the insurance claim. Then when the movers are unpacking the truck, you just direct them to follow the colors that you've also labeled on the bedroom doors, rather than having to read on the box where to go.

It takes a little longer to pack this way, but it works for my brain. Good luck!

Roxanne said...

Get ALL of your packing supplies in one place--tape gun is SO worth it (and LOTS of refills), scissors, Sharpies, labels (I printed out room names on different colored paper per room and taped them to the boxes--saves on writing) and put them in a basket/bucket/tool apron/whatever so they STAY in one spot. Don't take ONE THING OUT without taking the ENTIRE container. Otherwise you will NEVER know where the tape went.

"splurge" on many, many packages of white tissue paper at a dollar store--it's cheap and plentiful and saves you from having to rewash all of your dishes because of newsprint.

Also buy BIG ROLLS of bubble wrap--not very expensive and SO worth it. (Wish you lived closer--I have nearly an entire roll languishing in the garage.)

Sam's sells nice sized moving boxes (not too big, not too little) in bales of 10-20 I think. Cheap, and you don't have to go dumpster diving--plus you can "gift" them to someone else who is about to move.

Roxanne said...

Oh--and if it is truly precious and irreplaceable and will cause much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth if broken--take it in your car.

Also--get the MOST REPUTABLE MOVER you can afford. We've used the same moving service three times (Ed and Ruthann even used them and were impressed) and have NEVER had even one teeny-weeny thing broken.

Scott F said...

Make a list of things that are essential to have within the first 2-3 days you are at your new place. Pack them in their own box and either carry in the car, or have as the last box to go on the truck.

Things like: toiletries, meds, pens, paper, toilet paper, shower curtain, towels, wash rags, sheets, a few days of clothes and shoes, paper towels, a few cleaning supplies, paper plates, disposable cups, paper plates, cutlery, trash bags, scissors, alarm clock, hand soap, dog food/dish, small tool box, box cutter, make sure your check book isn't almost empty because you might not find a new book of checks for a bit, key documents needed for closing or for enrolling the kids in school, toilet brush (you just feel better KNOWING it is clean, not just guessing!).

Go to all your doctors, dentists, and vets to get copies of all of your medical records to take to give to your new docs/dentists,vet.

Remember to do the mail forward with the USPS. And I hope the people moving into your house don't have the same last name. That happened on our last move and we got all of the Ferguson mail, including theirs. THAT took a while to work out!

Start a bag where you throw in any mail you receive that you want to be sure you notify of your new address. Same with email if your email address will change.

Don't water your houseplants the week you are leaving. They will be lighter and less messy for transport. But pack a pitcher or watering can in the list above so you can water them as soon as you get there. Just like you, they will be stressed from the move.

Don't forget your water hoses, yard decorations, birdhouses, birdbaths, etc. Commonly left behind accidently.

Start having a mind set of "could I go a week without this" for every single thing you use in your house. Then add it to the list above.

Start making a list of everything you (especially the teens) have loaned out -- books, movies, cds, tools, dishes, etc. Start gathering it all back up.

mindy said...

CONGRATS!!!! Sooo excited for y'all!!! I know you're so ready to be together:)

I'm all about color-coding the boxes by room. It makes it really nice when people are helping you unload. I used those little colored dot stickers.

The garment boxes from UHaul are really nice so you can keep clothes on hangers, though not going as far, you may just put hanging clothes in your cars and make multiple trips, I dunno, but it was worth the splurge for us. UHaul also has some nice boxes for dishes.

Try not to label boxes misc. You'll be thankful for specific labels when it's time to unpack.

Get lots of bubble wrap, a tape gun, and sharpies at Sams! Keep it together in a central location at your house so everyone can find it while packing.

HEB, Albersons, and United all gave us free boxes! Grab a car full each time you're out and your won't have to spend time breaking them down and putting them back together.

We grabbed the leftover Optimists at ACU for packing.

Invite friends to help load and feed them pizza as a thank you:)

That's all I can think of now!

Happy packing!!

David said...

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David said...

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