Good Things Out There

So, remember these days? When I did Good Things Out There? And remember how I was going to feature a precious little Etsy shop each week? Yeah, me neither. I totally forgot about all of that.


I happened across my neighbor's/Ashley's math teacher's/Reese's mom's blog. And on her blog she mentioned her Etsy shop. Oh, yeah. I like Etsy shops. And y'all? Hers is PRECIOUS! I almost picture stuff this cute inside my head, but if I am ever going to attempt it, it simply fails in execution. And? for me? She's local (like, walking distance local!)!! So when I need a wedding gift -- BAM

Beth Moore - Living Proof Live Pittsburgh from on Vimeo.

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1 comment:

Tiffany said...

You are TOO sweet! Thanks for the plug! I'm working on sprucing up my store and your plug helps! Thanks!

You guys need anything? Troy doing ok? What night can I bring dinner - no seriously. Just let me know.

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