Get OUT!!!

'Kay, my life just got WAY more fun .... see? That is Ashley (please be sure and notice any of the bajillions of dollars worth of orthodontia you can see in that mouth), me, and Riley on.... LAPTOP DAY!!!!!!!!! And can I tell you why even THEY are so excited about my laptop? I have been saving and saving for PRECISELY what I wanted. Tuesday, when I got my check from subbing for jury duty, I made plans for yesterday being LAPTOP DAY!!!!!! And it was indeed.

I got a MacBook with the aluminum cover. I had a Mac YEARS ago and loved it, but Troy is always a PC guy (in computers only, mind you) but when I got my iPhone I remembered how much I loved Apple products. So I got JUST what I wanted. Whi
ch is why it has taken me so stinkin' long to get one.

However, how awesome was it that I walked into the ACU Bookstore with my little fistful of dollars to see the sign 'All Mac Laptops on Sale'?? Woot!! THEN little scruffy-faced college dude tells me that not only is my laptop $200 cheaper than I thought, but if I buy (Ashley, she thinks) an iTouch, it will be rebated fully, annnnnd, how 'bout we throw in a printer for free? 

Um, how 'bout Oh-stinkin'-KAY!!!!!!!!!

So now I have a laptop, Ashley and Riley have an iTouch, I have a printer to sell and a few extra bucks to stick in the vacation fund! Just every once in a while, the good Lord says, "It's good to be patient with your dollars."

So, I'm still learning lots (hey, how do you steal pictures off the internet with a Mac since you can't 'right-click' on the laptop...?) and the kids and I (as pictured above and below) are loving the photo booth and camera app. Which means, Mom and Dad, sadly, I am good to go to SKYPE now. No more calling in my towel.
I decided she must have a name. Amelia came to me... as in, Earhart. Partly because she was brave, adventurous, and daring. Also because in "Night at the Museum 2" she is VERY talkative and wordy and s*xy, to boot (yes, I've seen pictures, I don't think the original Amelia was burdened with such womanly ways). Anyway, we think Amelia suits her just fine. And, yes, she will probably get lost at least once. Hopefully not FOREVER though!

So, Happy Laptop Day to you!


Tammy M. said...

Yea!!! So glad you got your computer. I know you will love it. I normally just drag off an image that I need from the browser. I am sure there is another way because that doesn't always work, but it does most of the time. Have fun Macccing!!

Tim Archer said...

Great machine. I doubt you'll ever regret it. Hope you find it a boon to your writing.

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer

P.S.--It's actually an iPod Touch, but who's counting? :-)

Roxanne said...


mindy said...

yaaaay!!! congrats on Amelia!!!

dad said...

I am happy for you for getting the tool you need for your work.
And what's with Riley's shirt being backwards?
And PS - why "sadly" for Skype? We got your Skype right here! We been Skyping for awhile now!

kenny said...

do mac's always invert their pics? 2007 looks inverted to me.

just wondering ...

Anonymous said...

I'm a little behind on reading your blog, but I just have to comment! Because I, too, am saving. But I want an 'expensive, not in the budget, but I really have wanted it for a while now' camera. There are so many times that I think, "I'll just pull the rest out of the account. I'll make sure I pay it back to us sometime soon." But then I remember that the purchase will be much sweeter if I am patient, and hey, maybe I'll get a few extras thrown in, too! Have fun!


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