Missing Family

I am blessed with family in many ways. Many of you know my parents are avid blog readers and my biggest cheerleaders. Troy's dad is a blog reader, if not a frequent commenter (he's an email commenter).  I am loved and supported by family near and far, but there is no blood family near. Since I went 500 miles away to college over 20 years ago, I haven't really lived close to my own blood family, and in the 8 years we've lived in this town, we have been away from any of Troy's family, as well.

Another way I am blessed with family is my church family. They are pretty awesome and are my cheerleaders, too. But they aren't my family.

This weekend we had some church family over for dessert to celebrate Troy. In the middle of getting ready for them to be here, I just really missed real family. I wished that Troy's dad could be here for the celebration, and I wanted my own parents to be here to join in, as well.

Julie discussed this recently when they had a very exciting event in their family, as well. 

Sometimes you just need family nearby. There's just no substitute.


Abby Pimentel said...

I hear you loud of clear, sister. I am so thankful for the adventure that God has given us here in Pittsburg, and we have a church family we really love.....but being far from family is a constant open wound for me. Any time with them is just so very precious. I understand you.

Roxanne said...

I remember once a few years back I called Momma about 5 times in 2 days. The final time I called, Daddy answered the phone laughing that I was calling again. I asked Momma what he was laughing at and she said, "I told him, 'Don't put the phone too far away. Roxanne is homesick and she'll call again before the day is over.' and just then the phone rang and it was you."

Sometimes I'm homesick for two different places--where I grew up and where Daddy is now. Since he's not there, it's home with a hole.

dad said...

Your thoughts are hugely complimentary to Mike and to your mother and me. I thank God that we have the kind of relationship that would stir these emotions in you. And you have to know that it runs both ways.

All during the day on 9-11-01, while glued to news reports, I experienced a downright painful ache to wrap my arms around my kids and try to say something wise, strong, and comforting.

Sometimes, I still do. Like right now.

Stephanie said...

I hear ya'. While I call here home I wish it were easier to get together with my family sometimes. Thank goodness for internet though...

Mom said...

I, like your dad, feel blessed that there are times when you want us around. There are many times when we wish that our kids lived close enough to share in some things with us. Thank you for being so open.

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