Wow. Where To Start?

Okay. Y'all. Seriously. I'm coming back here. I really am. Did you think I had just slap forgotten my password or something?

Um, I have SO much I want to tell you. Can't think of one thing right now.

Migraines? Getting MUCH better. Besides starting a medication as a preventative, I also am generally following the guidelines in this book (which is worth the click over for the cover photo alone). The title of the book is "Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Solution." Part of the solution is to eliminate potential triggers from your diet. Not YOUR triggers, 'cause you likely don't know what they are, but any of a list of about a million six things that he, Mr. Migraine, says are. Which leaves me eating lots of meat and day-old bread (fresh bread is too yeasty, see). And I don't exactly like meat. So bread it is.

I actually have, by 'cheating' here and there, figured out one of my triggers and I am very, very sad. Almonds. Which explains why those mornings I had my healthy wheat toast with almond butter, I would be unable to go for a run... I'm too scared to see if peanuts are also a trigger which will eliminate peanut butter and, in short, most of the joy of life as I know it.

Blah, blah, I've found one or two more, Mr. Migraine also says if you are a migraine sufferer to get off of caffeine now and forever more and never look back. We'll see. I am currently off of caffeine... for.. I don't know (people keep asking me, but I swanny, I'm too groggy to tally it up) almost 3 weeks now? I keep waiting for that 'never felt better' and 'have so much energy' yada yada that people talk about. The basic problem is that I have established a very busy life that can only be maintained with a large dose of caffeine. Not sure how to remedy that. Summer is helping with lots of naps!

So soon I will regale you with stories of swim lessons, and what happened with the State Track meet and the Clyde relay teams, and so on and so forth, and why I got Pink Floyd's 'Brick in the Wall' stuck in my head last night.

So moving on. Back in the land of the living. Make it a great day!


Stephanie in Arkansas said...

I don't believe in the no-caffeine idea. Nope. Not at all. *shaking head no, no, no and covering ears*

If you were to enjoy a cup of coffee now, I believe you will feel quite wonderful. *grin* :)

Roxanne said...

Steph--Sarah doesn't drink coffee. . .but a GREAT BIG 'OLE DIET COKE would put some pep in her step. . .and an ache in her head.

Sarah, I am napping for you and me both by the way.

ste-pha-nie said...

Maybe it's that other stuff in the diet coke that contributes to the migraines? Coffee can be iced too - and is really good with milk and a squirt of chocolate syrup!

Janice Garrison said... are dealing with a lot. I'll be praying for you! I have only had two migraines in my life and they both put me down and out for hours.

I do hope you don't have to give up the "finer" things of life, like PB and coffee.

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