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Troy is watching "When Harry Met Sally". It has taken me back to one of my favorite quotes from that movie: "Its amazing. You look like a normal person but actually you are the angel of death."

You have someone in mind now, don't you? I do...


Tammy M. said...

When Harry Met Sally is a most quotable movie.

"You're the worst kind. You're high maintenance but you think your low maintenance."

"Men and women can never be friends."

"Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprikash."

There are so many...

last but not least

"Harry, I think we are becoming friends."

I love the golden age couples who talk about their romance.
the couple who meet at the dance - he comes from good stock.
The couple who divorces then they meet again at a funeral and he can't remember who he was with, but she can.
And the man who hid under cover to see his bride the day before the ceremony...and he says, "She look good to me."
Then the couple who met in the elevator while vacationing away from home for the first time after living 2 blocks from each other most of their lives and being born in the same hospital at the same time.

jessica said...

I use that movie all the time for my classes. Great examples of interpersonal relationships... or better yet things not to say to one another! haha!

Roxanne said...

Yes. . .one of my faves from that as well as, "I want what I want the way that I want it."

And after reading Tammy's list, I must say, "So I snuck to her willage."

Troy M. Stirman said...

My favorite is:

"I'll have what she's having..."

(Cracks me up every time)


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