Blessing, Privilege, Responsibility

When the Coffee Group speaks and tells God's story, inevitably a few people share with us struggles that they are in the midst of. Today I am overwhelmed with what an amazing blessing, privilege, and responsibility it is to be allowed into the broken and wounded places of another's soul. People hand us ever-so-fragile pieces of their hurting, sometimes shattered souls. I think the blessing is that, for the most part, they don't expect us to do anything about it -- except for agree to hand it to the Father for them when they are too broken or weary to do it for themselves. The privilege is to be able to do just that. And the responsibility is to keep from wounding that soul further.

The Jews would not willingly tread upon the smallest piece of paper in
their way, but took it up; for possibly, they say, the name of God may be on it.
Though there was a little superstition in this, yet truly there is nothing but
good religion in it, if we apply it to men. Trample not on any; there may be
some work of grace there, that thou knowest not of. The name of God may be
written upon that soul thou treadest on; it may be a soul that Christ thought so
much of, as to give His precious blood for it; therefore despise it not. -- S.
T. Coleridge

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Ruth Erin said...

You don't wanna be me... me is a sad person right now. And awfully confused...

your prayers are certainly appreciated though; thank you!

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