This is my 600th post. Had I the time or energy, I might take you down memory lane and post my 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, and 500th post. But then I would have to find them... Okay, okay -- I found them, and I have to say, most of them are actually okay ('cause they came from someone else). 400th? Not real fascinating!

Memo from "The Top" last week: "Printer cartridges for our new printers cost (some random inordinate amount of money). Please try to keep printing to a minimum."

Memo from "The Top" today: "Some of you have already printed out your class report summarized on one page. Please turn in your class report in the format of one page per student."

Gotcha. Saving printer ink AND paper, indeed.

Mom: "Riley, clean up for dinner. We have to eat early because I have to leave in a while."
Riley: "Where are you going?"
Mom: "My class has a program at school."
Riley: "And dad's our babysitter?"
Mom: "No, dad's your father."


Roxanne said...

Heh to all of it. . .I used to love it when Victoria was younger and I was leaving to go somewhere. Her question was always, "Who will watch over us?" as though there was no father in the house. Too funny.

Congratulation on 600!

jessica said...

Congrats on the 600! As for the babysitter... why is that kids always ask in that way? What is even funnier is when other moms ask if my husband is babysitting the kids... he cant babysit... he's their father!

Denise W said...

WooHoo on number 600! That's incredible...... Are you sure you have that much to talk about?

Sarah said...

Denise, I am quite certain I do NOT have that much to talk about. Hence, the 400th post -- a picture of the thermometer in my car. Quality stuff, I tell you!

dad said...

Yep, when you were a wee lassie I made the mistake of saying something about "babysitting" within your mom's hearing.

Seemed perfectly reasonable to me, but a corrective interview revealed to me the error of my ways.

Truth be told, I was just afraid of being home alone with the two of you. I thought I would surely break one of you.

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