Hotel Chatter

Oddly enough, I am finding these few days living in the hotel to be some precious moments with my kids. I don't often get to see them blink awake in the morning -- oh, I wake them up, but when I leave the room to hustle on my way, they still have their eyes closed and are moaning unintelligibly. I don't often get to hear them sigh as they roll over in their sleep -- I am frequently reminded of the tiny little bodies that did that what seems to be last week. And I am tickled to be reminded of their morning personalities. Ashley greets the day much like she greets the rest of life -- full of gusto, chatter, and cheerfulness. Riley needs to ponder life and let sleep slowly slide off of him before he can face life (much like his momma).

But he evidently is thinkin' as he awakes (unlike his momma). Friday morning he woke up, blinked at the window for several minutes, then finally turned to me:

"Mom, knock knock."

Mom: "Who's there?"

Riley: "An interrupting parrot."

Mom: "An interrup..."

Riley: "SQUAWK!"

THAT totally cracked me up!

Later, at a further stage of dress and awake, he was singing that well-loved (or not) old folk song, "There's a hole in the bucket". He made it through several verses, and poor Liza wasn't getting any closer to a repaired bucket than the first verse. He finally said, "That song just goes on and on and on and on... I think he just doesn't want to fix the bucket."

That Riley is always getting to the bottom of things!


Roxanne said...

I am TELLIN' YOU. . .God gave you me to wake up with on several "spend-the-night-living-together-for-one-year" times so you'd be prepared for that girl of yours. My kids are the exact opposite. Thad is up and jumpin' while Victoria is still deciding if her feet can touch the floor.

Denise W said...

Yep, you know that Abbie's my lay in the bed girl. Kenny's like his momma - up with the sun and ready to go!

Stephanie said...

Ha! THAT is the best knock-knock joke ever! I can't wait to pull it on my husband some unsuspecting morning. SQUAWK!!!

Elle said...

Hi Sarah! Mom told me to check out your blog and see what happened to your house - so what happened? Why are you guys in a hotel? Can you send me an e-mail from here? I still have my yahoo address. I'll send you an e-mail. I will keep you in my prayers until you all are home. (Great blog page!)

Sandy said...

Hey, just visiting you!
Kids are so fun and different and always changing. Love their humor too.
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