When Blogging becomes Procrastination

Yes, it is officially summer, although the '78*' reading on my computer is more of a spring break reading -- but I'm NOT complaining. What weird, wonderful weather we're having in West Texas (this sentence brought to you by the letter 'W'). I have truly enjoyed our rainy spring and I KNOW it won't last, so I'm not quite ready for it to be over.

Even though it's the time to sit out by the pool with your buds and relax, I'm not exactly in relaxing mode. I guess when you keep the pedal to the metal on the accelerator of your life for 6 solid weeks, it's best to coast to a slow roll instead of slamming on the brakes. My only guideline for what I'm doing around the house is doing exactly what I want to do, which is why I haven't been blogging. There's just too much around me screaming that it needs to be done! So I have a list longer than my arm of what all needs to be done and I just flit from item to item and do what I feel like at the moment. Except for today, when I lay in bed with a headache until noon, at which time I felt it necessary to get up to throw up, then head back to bed until 3. I did NOT want to do any of that, but it was definitely necessary. After I finally emerged, Troy was complaining about how little he got done on his day off. I scoffed while I stood there in my jammies with bed-head at 3 p.m.

I'm saying this via-blog and running: but I'm not quite all that fired up about sitting out at the pool this summer. I'm sure I WILL be in a few weeks, but right now I can only see what all needs to be done in my home and sitting at the pool feels like wasted time to me. I'm sure that after a few days of either trying to get my children a) on board with working on or in the house or b) out of my way, an afternoon of sitting by the pool will feel glorious. Until then, it feels like wasted time.


Roxanne said...

My mom's agenda for every summer of her teaching career was as follows:

1. Wake up
2. Do what she WANTED to all day long (whether that was wearing her jammies, or sitting at the pool, or taking us to the library)
3. Go to bed

Glenda's plan seems to be precisely what you need right about now.

Denise W said...

I think that Roxanne's mom had the right idea.....

I personally can't wait to sit at the pool and talk, talk, talk to you!

Stephanie said...

Oh, you pool-sitters!

And I hear ya' Sarah - sometimes it's nice to finally get things done - all those things that have been sputtering on the back burner, all those things that have been waiting patiently to be tended to. Getting things done is underrated. Pool sitting... well, I'll be the one with the wide brimmed hat hanging out in a shady spot :)

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