Random Thoughts for a Rainy Wednesday

This scares the b'jabbers out of me.

If I would spend half as much time thinking about what I was about to say as I spend apologizing for something I have already said, I wouldn't NEED to apologize quite so much!

I've never run a marathon, but I'm guessing in the put-the-Stirman-house-aright marathon (there's a t-shirt I need!) we are about at mile 11 -- wondering why in heaven's name we signed up for this gig and realizing in no uncertain terms that the worst is yet to come. Oddly enough, I feel certain that Monday we were at least at mile 14 and we've spent the last two days going backwards. About a week, people. About a week.

Only because I know my blog audience, I would like to send a memo to a certain technology-type-person:
Technology is great,
Technology is grand,
Technology is always there to lend a hand. (at this point even the 2nd grade level poetry runs out)
My campus loves technology, my district loves technology, and I use all $47 worth of technology in my classroom to the fullest! I am whole-heartedly on board with technology and wish the budget-powers-that-be were, as well.

That said, PLEASE don't make me take any more surveys about technology. My plate is full of other things currently.


Denise W said...

In contrast, that disgusts me. I wanna hang those #$&%**#s up by their toenails.

Roxanne said...

Don't get me started on the scary things that are out there. . .none of us would sleep at night.

Also, don't get me started on surveys from school administrators that WASTE MY TIME. . .but I'm gload to know I'm not alone in the pit bog mire of surveys.

On another note, an "investigative reporter" from Houston decided it would be a good idea to post the ExCet scores for all teachers in all of the districts in our area on the local ABC website. He did this big report that made my blood boil called "Is your child's teacher making the grade?"

It's kind of like your lovely mother post. . .if I'm doign what I'm supposed to be doing, Mr. Reporter could care less about the successes in my classroom. . .about the minor miracles that take place on a daily basis. . .but heave help me if I fall, 'cause he'll be right there to report on the blood stain.

Blech. It's time for summer. (IN which I have to take 30 hours of GT courses. . .)

Roxanne said...

And I will leave the 50 millions typos in my last comment just to show how passionately I typed them. . . :)

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