I've Got Nothin'

So I've been to the pool. Once. The water is almost completely thawed and, evidently, after you're in for a while, your body is completely numb and the cold doesn't bother you -- but your blue lips belie your image of comfort.

Gals, THIS is MUST READ. I love when a well-known figure allows us to see that she is human, nay, she is WOMAN. I'm trying to get an image of Beth Moore standing in Walgreen's with two econo-size boxes of feminine hygiene products. If it were me I may have had a huge box of Hot Tamales to go with it.

Yes, still loving being back in my house. We are just settled enough that I don't HAVE to get all of the contents of the hall closet out of my bedroom -- unless I would like to open and close my armoire doors without flipping down a box top. Much to do, even time to do it, no gumption.

I think I need to read The Secret Sisters.

The kids are currently watching ESPN (against my "No TV prior to 4 p.m. rule") in hopes of catching a glimpse of our friend, Matt Phillips, who is in Washington, D.C. for the National Spelling Bee. We understand that he didn't make it to the finals (that's a rumor I've only heard from people under 12 in my home, so I could be wrong about that) but ESPN is supposed to do a feature on him. Matt has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which you and I know as Brittle Bone Disease. He doesn't let it slow him down, and his parents have done a PHENOMENAL job of creating normalcy in their family where none exists. I look up to them so much and am honored to know them.

Baseball is still in full swing. The Express (our little league team) is going to the city league tournament. Next week we'll be playing in Merkel, America. Can't wait! We had a great little game against our toughest opponent Tuesday night. We played hard and scrambled back. The scoreboard showed that we lost 7-6, but we won on so many levels. It was one of those fun baseball games. See you at the ball park!

My M&M -- she's stylin'!


Denise W said...

I just saw Matt on ESPN adding some color commentary! How cool is that?

Merci said...

I read Beth Moore's blog this morning too and thought WOW! I LOVE that. She's like ME! She's REAL. That gives her a lot of credibility in my book.

Roxanne said...

Indeedy. . .the M&M is all that an a piece of pie.

Also loved the Beth Moore blog. DId you read the one suggested by Boomama about the red bird?

Tammy M. said...

I laughed out loud when I read Beth Moore's blog today. I love your very pink and princess looking m and m. I can't wait for denise to make hers.
Those could be our new cover pic for Coffee Group.

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