Prayers for All

The pictures of backpack-clad munchkins have begun cropping up on Facebook. The sales papers are full of crayons and glue sticks. You know what that means! It's TIME!

While I definitely have some of this guy's sentiment about it:

this year brings new heaviness to my heart as my kids are heading into uncharted territory (for them).

Next Monday I will take my 13 year old man-child to a school of 900 middle schoolers where he knows no one to start 8th grade. Then I will take my 15 year old daughter to a school of 1700, where she has had the good fortune of being in band camp for almost 3 weeks, so she has someone to sit with at lunch perhaps. Then I shall return to my house and cry for a good long while, I suppose.

I have told both of my kids that since I knew we would move (even when I didn't know WHEN we would move) I have been praying for their first day of school at their new school. Mainly -- that just ONE person would be gracious and friendly to them -- and eat lunch with them.

Of course, you and I know that in the global scheme of things there are much worse things than feeling completely left out on your first day of school in your new town.... but at 15 and 13, it's pretty hard to imagine what that would be.

So, as you are praying for your own children and their teachers, and please do be praying for teachers and administrators everywhere, it would honestly mean the world to me if you would remember to pray for my two. While we have had some bumps along the way, this summer has gone much better than I ever imagined, and I fully credit it to the prayers of folks like you.

And while I'm praying... feel free to leave any requests in the comments. I'll be talking to God, I would love to go to Him on your behalf as well.


Donna said...

My biggest prayer is for my Peyton. He has fretted about 1st grade all summer. He's bright (you've seen my FB posts)but he doesn't enjoy school. I am praying for him to totally enjoy school this year and see that learning is fun!

Anonymous said...
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Roxanne said...

Thinking of you and your kiddos. . .keep the prayers comin'. Everything in room 809 at my campus is going great so far. Of course, I've only had two classes, but still. . .that's a good start to the day. Love you.

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