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In my opinion, (and, since this is my blog, my opinion is right, of course) Potato Soup is simply potato soup -- there is no cheese in potato soup! (to the phrase-ology of "there's no crying in baseball!") There may be grated cheese ATOP potato soup, as you might garnish a baked potato, but say it with me, "There is no cheese in potato soup!" I have learned to ask at restaurants: "What is your potato soup like: does it have cheese in it?" I generally get, "Oh, yes! Very cheesy!" Well, I don't want it!

Huge diversion: Colt McCoy. Awesome dude, no question. There was some discussion that he came out of Thursday's game somewhat hurt to save his shoulder for a potential NFL draft. I am all about Colt McCoy, the guy and think he lives up to all the college football AND nice guy hype he has been dealt. However, NFL draft material? I don't follow closely enough to really know, of course, but is he even big enough/ tall enough? Just don't know. This is yet another great blog about Colt and his family being the real deal. Colt's grandpa worked at a camp that I came to out at ACU when I was about 5th grade and Colt's uncle helped with it. All very nice and godly people.

Potato soup: cheesy or not?
Colt McCoy: NFL material or not?


Donna said...

I don't have an opinion about the NFL, or not, for Colt. I don't know enough to say.
We are cheese lovers here, but not IN the soup. Garnishing the soup - sure, but not melted in with the whole pot.

Roxanne said...

I agree.

Potato soup should consist of very few things. . .potatoes, butter, cream, milk,salt. What you put into it after that is YOUR business. :) As in, I can have POTATO soup (as listed above), or I can have BAKED potato soup which is POTATO soup (as listed above) with cheese, bacon bits, and chives atop it.

Brian said...

NFL is bigger, stronger, FASTER, you can never tell for sure about anyone good-great college QB.

we use a baked potato soup recipe most of the time, I actually can't remember if cheese is cooked into it, but I never eat it w/o sprinkling some cheddar on top and then stirring it in

Stephanie said...

My favorite potato soup has potatoes and leeks in it. The leeks are sliced thin, sauteed in butter and then added to cooked potatoes and run through the whatchamcallit mixit-upper thing. Food processor. (Had to think for a sec.)
I think I'll make it and post the recipe this weekend. I love the aroma and subtle sweetness from the leeks paired with the simplicity of the potatoes.

Re: Colt McCoy - My inlaws have met the grandparents and they say the same thing. Very good folk. I have a feeling that whatever Colt ends up doing - NFL or CEO or Fireman, he will do it well.

Sheri said...

"There's no crying in baseball" is a phrase heard around here all of the time. Not sure why I picked it up from A League of Their Own, but I certainly did. Anyway: Potato Soup does not have cheese in it unless otherwise stated (in my opinion) BUT I prefer with loads of cheese!

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