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A VERY good thing is that my friend, Mindy, is pregnant! YAY! and congratulations! and prayers for healthy baby and safe delivery, et. al. However, I was unaware that she and her husband had been trying for some time to get pregnant, and she pointed her readers to this awesome post about how silent the Bible seems to be about infertility. My own "struggle" with infertility was that Troy and I seemed to be able to get pregnant by washing our undies together while those around us cried out to God to give them a baby. I have learned much of what not to say from them. I love what Josh says: quit asking married couples: "So, when are y'all going to have kids" (and why do people start asking that at the wedding reception anyway...?) You have no idea what wounds it may re-open.

Soapbox put away.

If you know my brother -- shoot, even if you don't -- go check out his new website for his business. Not only does the website look great, but he is amazingly talented. Because not only will the music he and his wife play at your wedding sound really good, but he designed that website, as well. Yeah, he and I don't know which one of us was adopted from the gypsies, but we cannot be from the same parents.

WARNING: This is NOT good news, but it's good information to have, especially for those of you who rely on nutritional information from restaurants for your New Year's weight loss plan. Seems you may need to figure in much more "wiggle room" if you want some wiggle room in your jeans.

Again... not necessarily good news, unless you are planning on giving up sodas this year. This should definitely help. If you still want to drink sodas, do not read this.

This is yet another piece of video genius from my church. It's about a year and a half old, but it makes me laugh so much. Enjoy.

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Roxanne said...

Loved Kevin and Verena's website--really well done.

mindy said...

Awwww, thanks for the sweet shout out and congrats, Sarah!! Isn't that an excellent post by Josh?! I always enjoy your "good things out there." A while back I had several boxes of the same kind of lean pockets in the freezer and noticed there were three different calorie amounts listed...weird...same product, same serving size. Oh yeah, and I'm glad that I stopped drinking soda when I found out I was pregnant...YUCK!!

Julie said...

Okay, Sarah, so now I have to decide if I want to read the soda link or not, because I just love my diet coke addiction....hmmm. I think I think about that for awhile. M

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the bit about infertility. It hurt when we were in our 20's; it hurts now in our
60's when people ask "Why didn't you have kids?"

As there are only 1-2 answers, I think they should guess for themselves!

I have a whole repertoire of things to say, but daily I want the Holy Spirit to have His way, so I don't use ANY of those. I've been silent and given a long stare. Not much better.

I wish for a good come-back, nice but thought provoking.

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