Happy New Year!

I have successfully spent this day doing basically nothing and loved every second of it. I started my day with Bibles and journals and notebooks and digressed into blog reading, internet perusing, and TV flipping. Did you know that you can carve abs in bed? Home shopping network says you can... Troy said not to consider it, but I thought about it.

I really hoped my day of doing nothing would rest me up and lead me to really want to get busy tomorrow -- putting away Christmas, organizing, decluttering, what have you. Not so much. I would like another day or seven of doing nothing.

I have just been completely out of sorts this holiday season. Don't know exactly what it is, but I wasn't ready for Christmas, I don't feel as rested as I usually do coming out of the holidays, therefore I am not very ready to greet 2010 (though I am almost 22 hours into it) and be all exuberant about plans or goals about it.

I've been reading writing blogs that tell me how or why I need to be making goals for my writing. And I haven't yet. And I know that to aim at nothing you'll hit it every time, right? But I am just without enough gumption to make a year-long goal for my writing. Maybe I will start with monthly goals and see how that works.

So, I have no plans, dreams, or goals for the whole of 2010 yet. Other than to have all of my Christmas decorations put away by the end of the weekend. And a pedicure with my daughter for her birthday sometime next week. Other than that, I'm aimless.

So... speak to me: what are your goals/ hopes/ dreams? I've heard some good ones on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Re: "So, I have no plans, dreams, or goals for the whole of 2010 yet."

Sounds great~

Roxanne said...

Still thinking on that one. Last night I was categorizing some of my old blog posts, and basically scared myself to death looking at just what a year can bring--seriously. I very nearly made it out of 2009 "unscathed" for the most part, then WHAMO. So I'm going with the regulars: read my Bible more, lose weight, exercise more. (I accomplished one of those yesterday.)

ste-pha-nie said...

On my list of "Ways to do better" (I never make 'resolutions!') is: Chores first, then play. I know chores will not always win over playing, but somehow I enjoy playing more when the chores aren't waiting for me afterward.
Also, today I think I will prove to the world that it is possible to live on gingerbread alone. At least for one day.

And like Roxanne, I am on a mission to read the Bible more. I've never read it through, so I'm following a schedule to get that done. Started yesterday.

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